Summer Session I, June 9-July 11, 2014


There will be a meeting on Study Day at 11:00 AM in BR 235.

Attendance is required of everyone who intends to take this



It is important that you read the following syllabus carefully.

Unfortunately, it is long and detailed, but it is the only

opportunity I have to explain the course to you, and there is no

way to make it shorter while including everything you need to



This course will be conducted entirely via the Internet. It is an

independent studies course. There will be no lectures or exams.

Although I am quite willing to answer questions, the opportunity

for interaction is, of necessity, very limited. If you feel that

you are too undisciplined or otherwise unprepared for an

independent studies course, do not take this class. Note that the

course consists entirely of essay writing, which will determine

your grade. If you have a writing problem, you might be well

advised to consider another course in traditional format during

the regular academic year. An account will be set up for everyone

in the class on Bradley's Sakai system. If you have trouble, call

the Bradley computer help desk at 309-677-2964.


Here are some instructions about the form of the papers you are to

send to me through the e-mail feature of Sakai. To use it, click on

the "Mailtool" link in the column at the left of the screen. Then

choose "All Instructors."


1) The subject line must be filled in identifying the

message as an essay, revised essay, critique, or comment. If you

need immediate attention, put something like "HELP" or "URGENT" in

the subject line.  As you can imagine I receive a large number of

messages. The first thing I do is to move the messages into

directories where I keep all the assignments by type, and it is

difficult for me to open each message to see what it is before

moving it.



2) Do not send your assignments as attachments to your messages.

Simply to "cut and paste" from your word processor into your e-mail

message. You can always type in your papers directly while online. I move

messages into Unix files before reading them and cannot accept/read

improperly formatted papers. I do not open attachments. If you are

uncertain about any of this, it would be wise to send me a test message

that you have produced with the method you intend to use before the course

begins. I will not be able to help you with computer problems. The Bradley

computer help desk at 677-2964 serves that function. You must send me papers

that are formatted so that I can read them.


3) Microsoft, in its wisdom, uses non-standard code for

quotation marks and apostrophes. If you are using Word, you

must change the feature known as "Smart quotes" In order to do

that, look up “Autocorrect options in the Help menu. For the latest versions

of Word, it is done as follows:


        1. Go to the "Options" menu under the “File” tab and click on “Proofing.”

         2. Click the "Autoformat" tab

        3. Uncheck "Replace straight quotes with smart quotes"

        4. Click the "Autoformat as you type" tab

        5. Uncheck "Replace straight quotes with smart quotes"


4) Do not indent to indicate paragraphs. Use the method you see here

of leaving a blank line between paragraphs and putting the first

line all the way to the left, even with the other lines.



In conformity with Bradley's policy of "writing across the

curriculum," writing is an important element of this course. Your

grade will be affected greatly by spelling, grammar, and other

elements of acceptable college-level writing. Corrections I make to

your assignments will appear in the following form



interlined in your original document.  At the end of the document,

you will find a grade. I use a point system: twenty points are

possible for each essay. Plagiarism will lead to a failing grade for the course.


The only way to reach me directly during the course is via e-mail.

Especially in the beginning of the course, if you do not receive a

response to your paper within a day or so after you send it, something

may be wrong with your system and either I am not getting your

assignments or they are not getting through to you when I return

them. If all else fails, you may call the Western Civ/Honors

Secretary, Debbie Beard, at 309-677-3283 and leave a message for

me. I cannot return calls. It is your responsibility to see that

you are connected to a functioning system. My e-mail address is



The text book is one that I have written and is available online through Sakai.

Go to the "Course Information" section and click on "Syllabus." As posted on

the site, the login is "civ" and the password is "civtexts."


The grade for the course is determined by a series of essays. Everyone will

complete a 1000-word essay on the assigned topic of the week by Wednesday of

each week and e-mail it to me. In other words, you will read the assigned chapters

from the text and write a 1000-word essay on an assigned topic based on those chapters.


Spelling, grammar, depth of thought, quality of expression, and appropriateness of

response to the essay topic will all be taken into account in the grading process.

The grade for the essay will be the average of the grades received on the original

submission and the revision.



Wednesday 11 June        1000 word essay on Chapts. 1-2

Friday 13 June          revision of essay 1

Wednesday 18 June       1000 word essay on Chapts. 3-4

Friday 20 June          revision of essay 2

Wednesday 25 June       1000 word essay on Chapts. 5-7

Friday 27 June          revision of essay 3

Wednesday 2 July        1000 word essay on Chapts. 8-10

Friday 4 July           revision of essay 4

Wednesday 9 July        1000 word essay on Chapts. 11-13

Friday 11 July          revision of essay 5




When I say that an assignment is due on Wednesday, it means that

the assignment should be in my e-mail when I sit down to read it on

Thursday morning.