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Western Civilization Program

Philip Jones, Director

CIV 100 Western Civilization

Western Civilization is required of all students as part of the General Education Program. It is team-taught by instructors from a variety of disciplines. The emphasis is on a conceptual approach to the intellectual, cultural, political, economic, social, and technological issues that have formed the spirit of the various ages from ancient Greece to the present in the Western World. There are assigned readings from original sources as well as a textbook. The course format is a combination of large lectures and small discussion groups.

CIV 102 Western Civilization since 1600

CIV 111,112 Unified Composition and Western Civilization

An integration of ENG 101 (English Composition) and CIV 100 Western Civilization), this pair of courses emphasizes clear and effective writing on the subject matter of Western Civilization. It is team-taught by faculty from a variety of disciplines. Students must take both semesters (111 and 112) to satisfy University requirements in both composition and Western Civilization. If unable to take both semesters, students must take CIV 100 and ENG 101.

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