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A textbook on how to create a unique and effective professional portfolio, Graphic Design Portfolio Strategies for Print and Digital Media focuses on concerns of students completing a four-year college program in design. It can be used not only as a textbook for portfolio courses, but also as a valuable reference for a designer developing a new portfolio or wanting to improve an existing one.

This book demonstrates how to develop a portfolio for today’s competitive print and interactive design fields by presenting a sequence of manageable steps for students to follow. It also presents a series of questions, answers to which will help the student make informed decisions for that person’s individual portfolio. Topics include binding methods, photographing work, and deciding on the most appropriate design of a portfolio Web site.

Graphic Design Portfolio Strategies is a useful sourcebook for students creating a portfolio for graduate school applications, grants, scholarships, employment opportunities, and fellowships. Examples of successful design student portfolios illustrate the concepts presented, and tips and insights from top professionals in the field enrich the content.

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Business Management and Administration

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Civil Engineering and Construction

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Computer Science and Information Systems

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