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Bradley Works

Drawing Inspiration

A Tornado Watch. Katherine Liontas-Warren, Lawton, Oklahoma; pastel on paper.


Bradley International showcases eclectic work of 120 national and international artists

Fruit, skulls, landscapes, birds, and individuals are just a few of the varied subjects featured in the 126 pieces in the 32nd Bradley International Print and Drawing Exhibition—the nation’s second longest-running juried print and drawing show.

Showcased in four venues, the biannual exhibition will run from March 6–April 17 at Bradley University’s Heuser Art Center and Hartmann Center Art Gallery; the Peoria Art Guild; and the Contemporary Arts Center.

Serving as juror for this year’s exhibition is Lynwood Kreneck, professor emeritus of art at Texas Tech University.

Lynwood Kreneck

Lynwood Kreneck, Texas Tech University professor emeritus of art, served as the juror for the 32nd Bradley International Print and Drawing Exhibition.

Kreneck was assigned the enormous task of narrowing the 1,700 original entries submitted by 600 national and international artists to the final 126 works by 120 artists. Among the selected artists are three Bradley alums: Jane Ryder—"Kink Back Falls"; James Ehlers—"Losing the Grasp of Chaos"; and Chris Troutman—"Street Sounds."

"As the juror for the 32nd Bradley exhibition, I came to the entries with an open mind," Kreneck says. "I made no formal attempt to categorize the nature of the show by theme. I worked with what was given me. I simply looked for what I felt to be outstanding works among those submitted by the artists."

"In that respect, my taste is very broad," he continues. "I appreciate many different aesthetic approaches and a wide variety of technical means for making art. Overall, I was impressed with the large number of entries I perceived as being well-conceived, well-executed, thought-provoking images. The exhibition I chose includes examples representing a variety of methods, materials, and artistic directions."

Elizabeth Kauffman, director of galleries, exhibitions, and collections at Bradley, agrees with Kreneck about the juror’s exhibition choices. "He really selected a wide range of materials—subject matter and content. There’s really not any one singular message in the show, which makes it very interesting."

La Trilogia Romanica: Un Diario Di Viaggio Con Le Alidel Suo Cuore

La Trilogia Romanica: Un Diario Di Viaggio Con Le Alidel Suo Cuore. Teresa Pankratz, Chicago, Illinois; intaglio, laser.

Kreneck speaks highly of the Bradley International and BU. "Bradley University and those Art Department faculty and staff who work so hard to make the Bradley International Print and Drawing Exhibition a reality are to be commended. The shows have been a treasure of information and inspiration for their students and the community. Through the catalog and the Internet, the exhibition extends its influence to a much larger audience. I consider competitive shows to be the most democratic of exhibition opportunities. All may enter and all works go before the juror. Such a format encourages the discovery of emerging artists—giving them the opportunity to show alongside more established ones."

In reference to the exhibition’s overall value, Kreneck comments, "Hopefully, pieces in this show will also provide some special insight for the viewer, which will reflect the need, the drive, or the joy of the artists in creating the art. That’s the reason artists get up in the morning and why you will find them in their studios well into the night."

Kauffman adds that participation in the exhibition is special for visitors because "it captures a moment in time of contemporary printmaking. All of the work is from the last three years or newer, so it’s very current. They’re able to come to one exhibit and see this wide array, and see what’s going on in printmaking right now. They will be exposed to artists they may not see in any other way."

No Way Out

No Way Out. Art Werger, Athens, Ohio; etching.

Not only does selection into this exhibition enhance artists’ resumes, it also enables them to compare their work to other printmakers, comments Kauffman. "They see how they match up to other artists across the country and internationally; and they see their artwork paired up with other artwork that they might not see in any other place or other context. I think you look at your own artwork differently when it’s in different places."

Kauffman states, "Art students really get to see what professionals in their field are doing right now. It gives them an opportunity to compare the artwork they’re making in their classes to what’s going on with professionals in the art world."

Bradley’s resident printmaker Oscar Gillespie says, "I chose Kreneck as this year’s juror because of his high stature and reputation as a printmaker, educator, and curator/organizer of printmaking exhibitions. I also chose him because he is a wonderful speaker on the history and issues surrounding prints. His public speaking has the flavor of the best Southern storytelling tradition."

Gillespie also says, "Kreneck was instrumental in the development of water-based screenprint inks and methods, which have revolutionized screenprinting by artists and greatly enhanced its safety. He is the inventor of the ‘No Print’ process. This is an extension of Kreneck’s innovations in water-based screenprinting. He has been working with health and environmental issues for printmaking for much of his career, putting him way ahead of the curve in this regard."

Street Sounds

Street Sounds. Christopher Troutman, Richmond, Kentucky; charcoal on paper. Troutman graduated from Bradley in 2003.

Kreneck, a printmaking professor at Texas Tech for almost 40 years, was the founding curator of the exhibition series Colorprint USA, which has exhibited a "Who’s Who" of printmaking since it began in the late 1960s. Kreneck’s career includes more than 150 national and international exhibitions, and his works are in many private and public collections, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Royal Museum of Art, Antwerp, and the Stedelijke Musea, Belgium.

Kreneck earned his bachelor of fine arts and master of fine arts from The University of Texas at Austin.

"We are lucky to have a juror of this magnitude for this year’s Bradley International Print and Drawing Exhibition," says Gillespie.