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Business Management and Administration

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Civil Engineering and Construction

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Destination Disaster is the fourth book in the J.C. van Winkler adventure series for young adults. J.C. and Smitty the Ghost hop on the Laser Express for another adventure and visit some of the worst disasters the world has ever seen.

The duo races from one disaster to another to save those who will change the world’s destiny. Along the way, they visit Pompeii in ancient Italy in the first century for a little volcano action, elswhere in Italy for a close up of Black Death, London’s great fire, and the San Francisco earthquake. The final stop on their tour is New York City on September 11, 2001. Each of those people is safeguarded from the horrific devastation—be it a volcano, war, earthquake, or terrorism—and each will be significant in helping to save the world from terrorism in the 21st century.

The other books in The Adventures of J.C. van Winkler series include Starlight Laser Express, Ghost of a Chance, and Glimpse of the Netherworld.

Computer Science and Information Systems

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