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Welcome to the Best Party on Campus!

    Update: Wednesday November 10th

    Four more years!!! Congratulations to George Bush and the Republican Party for some major wins this past election. Also, Aaron Schock beat incumbant Ricca Sloan by 240 votes! All of your hard work and volunteering paid off! Thanks! There is also a new entry in the blog.

    College Republican T-Shirts! Here is the logo that will be on the T-shirt. We will have a meeting within the next few weeks, stay tuned!

   Update: Wednesday October 20th

    The real reason we are Republicans. Thanks Andrea for the link!

    Update: Thursday October 14th

    A scathing look at the many faces of John Kerry on the Iraq War is now available on the Bradley Blog.    

    Update: Tuesday October 5th

    The minutes from the last meeting on the 28th of September are up! New volunteer are posted. If you are interested in helping, contact Andrea.

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

October 9,16,23,30
10:00am - 1:00pm
Walk precincts, deliver campaign newspaper.

Oct 25th - Nov 2nd
1:00pm - 7:30pm
Make phone calls to voters reminding them to vote on November 2nd!

November 2nd
Poll watchers, and helping drive people to the polls.

    The new Blog is online, it will cover events on and around Bradleys campus as well as issues that are affecting College Republicans nation wide. Also we'd like to see more people using the message board! The winning T-Shirt slogan was "The Best Party on Campus", and it will be posted once I finish the graphic design!

    Update: Friday October 1st

    Thanks to everyone who showed up to the meeting on the 28th this past Tuesday. The T-Shirt design will be posted later, the winning slogan was "The Best Party on Campus!"

    The new discussion board is online by clicking here. The link is also on the left.

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Bradley University College Republicans
Executive Board

Andrea LaCoy

1st Vice-Chair
Sean Carter

Vice-Chair / Webmaster
Joe Kieca

Secretary / Treasurer
Becky Fisk



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Illinois College Republican Federation

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College Republican National Committee

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Illinois Republican Party

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Republican National Committee

Peoria County Republican Party

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Bradley University
College Republicans
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