Bradley Indoor Triathlon


The Bradley Indoor Triathlon will take place on Saturday, February 13th, 2016 beginning with late registration and packet pick-up at 6:30 AM and ending after the awards ceremony. The first wave starts at 8AM, with the following waves starting at 22-minute intervals. Each race will take one hour to complete including time spent in transition. Each wave will consist of up to 6 individuals and teams, organized according to their own estimated running ability. The registration fee includes a race packet with a t-shirt, food/drink on race day, and inclusion in a raffle of various prizes provided by our sponsors.


The race consists of three timed events. There will be a 10-minute warmup period in the pool prior to each wave start. The event times are as follows: Swim = 10 minutes Transition 1 = 10 minutes Bike = 20 minutes Transition 2 = 5 minutes Run = 15 minutes Total = 60 minutes The swim will take place in the Markin center's 25 yard saline pool. Each competitor will start from a starting block or wall, and will have one of 6 lanes to themselves. Laps will be counted over the 10-minute swim and rounded down to the quarter-lap (12.5 yards) for scoring. Each competitor will have 10 minutes between the swim end and bike start. 2 minutes prior to the bike start, each competitor will be allowed to warm up and adjust their spin bike seat and handebars to their preferred fit. The bike will take place on identical stationary bikes. The exact bike model is not yet known, but will fairly compute distance using an algorithm which accounts for cadence and resistance. This computed distance, rounded to the nearest tenth of a mile, will be recorded for scoring. Each competitor will have 5 minutes between the bike end and run start. The run will take place on the Markin Center's three-lane 200m mondo indoor track. Spikes will be allowed, but must be 1/8" or shorter. Laps will be counted and rounded down to the quarter-lap (50m) for scoring.


The scoring criteria is done on a time conversion basis. Distance will be recorded over the allotted time as described above for each discipline, and the resulting pace will be converted to a time over sprint distance (750m swim/20km bike/5 km run). The converted times of each event will be summed to produce a total time. Athletes will be ranked according to their total converted time over sprint distance. Awards will be distributed as follows: Men's Collegiate: Champion, 1st runner-up, 2nd runner-up Women's Collegiate: Champion, 1st runner-up, 2nd runner-up Men's Open: Champion, 1st runner-up, 2nd runner-up Women's Open: Champion, 1st runner-up, 2nd runner-up Men's Team: Champion Women's Team: Champion Mixed Team: Champion Event details and schedule


Faster waves will start first. The exact number of collegiate, open, and relay waves are subject to increase to accomodate athletes. Waves 1 through 8 - Collegiate Waves Collegiate late registration/packet pick-up ends at 7:30 AM. Waves 9 and up - Open and Relay Waves Open and Relay late registration/packet pick-up ends at 10:15 AM. TENTATIVE RACE DAY TIMELINE (subject to change based on number of participants) 6:30 AM - Late registration/packet pick-up opens in Markin Family Recreation Center Lobby 7:30 AM - Collegiate late registration/packet pick-up closes 7:35 AM - Mandatory Collegiate pre-race briefing begins in Markin Performance Court. 7:50 AM - Wave 1 swim warmup begins 8:00 AM - Wave 1 swim start/Sponsor expo opens 8:12 AM - Wave 2 swim warmup begins 8:22 AM - Wave 2 swim start 8:34 AM - Wave 3 swim warmup begins 8:44 AM - Wave 3 swim start 8:56 AM - Wave 4 swim warmup begins 9:00 AM - Wave 1 race end 9:06 AM - Wave 4 swim start 9:18 AM - Wave 5 swim warmup begins 9:22 AM - Wave 2 race end 9:28 AM - Wave 5 swim start 9:40 AM - Wave 6 swim warmup begins 9:44 AM - Wave 3 race end 9:50 AM - Wave 6 swim start 10:02 AM - Wave 7 swim warmup begins 10:06 AM - Wave 4 race end 10:12 AM - Wave 7 swim start 10:15 AM - Open and Relay late registration/packet pick-up closes 10:20 AM - Mandatory Open and Relay pre-race briefing begins in Markin Performance Court. 10:24 AM - Wave 8 swim warmup begins 10:28 AM - Wave 5 race end 10:34 AM - Wave 8 swim start 10:46 AM - Wave 9 swim warmup begins 10:50 AM - Wave 6 race end 10:56 AM - Wave 9 swim begins 11:08 AM - Wave 10 swim warmup begins 11:12 AM - Wave 7 race end 11:18 AM - Wave 10 race start 11:30 AM - Wave 11 swim warmup begins 11:34 AM - Wave 8 race end 11:40 AM - Wave 11 swim start 11:52 AM - Wave 12 swim warmup begins 11:56 AM - Wave 9 race end 12:00 PM - Collegiate Awards Ceremony in Markin Performance Court 12:02 PM - Wave 12 swim start NOTE: Additional waves will be added as needed to accomodate athletes. 12:18 PM - Wave 10 race end 12:40 PM - Wave 11 race end 1:02 PM - Wave 12 race end 30 minutes after last wave - Open and Relay awards ceremony in Markin Performance Court 60 minutes after last wave - Sponsor expo closes/Event ends