As college students, we are part of a priviledged, pivotal group. As minority college students, we are the prototype of a stronger, better, next generation --or an aberration to ancestral visions which cultivated the contemporary climate that allows access to higher learning.

The very survival of the race is dependent upon our commitments. Because we are tommorow's professionals, our major commitments today determine the areas of consistency actualized by us tomorrow. This is why it is important, now, to formulate habits of consistently planning, consistently doing, consistently fulfilling who we are from within.

Our motto is: "A Mission To Lead, A Commitment To Succeed."

Ingrained in these words is the ongoing challenges and opportunities afforded this generation. They are:

To look beyond the apparent

To lift up self and race day-to-day

To make the blood, sweat and past tears shed not be in vain

It has been said that education is for liberation, not simply to graduate with a degree to move forward into the professional rank-and-file of corporate "yuppie-dom." Knowledge is "knowing the ledge," being aware of the parameters we, as African-American professionals, will have to operate within. As emerging adults, we must thoroughly prepare, always work to improve, and strive for advancement rather than be lulled into apathy.