About H.E.A.T members

HEAT peer-leaders are a select group of Bradley students that are thoroughly trained on alcohol, sexual health, and sexual assault information. HEAT students must show great leadership skill, serve as role models for campus, and be competent public speakers. Also, due to the nature of the topics, HEAT students must be comfortable with all material, including contraception…and a wooden penis.

Bradley HEAT peer-leaders must maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher.

If you are interested in becoming a peer-leader, e-mail heat@bradley.edu for an application. HEAT recruits at the end of the fall semester. New hires train during the spring semester. If you are graduating in May, you are ineligible to apply.

All applicants must turn in an application and complete a Round 1 interview with current HEAT students. If you pass through to Round 2, you will interview with the advisors.


Bri Blackshire – Coordinator
Chelsey Rolando – Coordinator
Kyle Morgenstern
Allison Bonicontro
Taylor Berkseth
Ang Ferriozi
Hayley Dryoel
Andrew Gillen
Meghan Burian
Jasmine Roberts
Chloe King
Deni LaPenna
Emily West
Taelor Coughlin
Ryan Robinson
Alyssa Adamus
Lindsey Petersen
Jason Persaud


Melissa Sage-Bollenbach
Lyndsey Hawkins

Wellness Program
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