Program Organization

The Bradley HEAT (Help Empower, and Teach) is a peer-leadership organization that promotes healthy decision-making among Bradley students. Trained students co-facilitate informal and interactive workshops about alcohol use, sexual health, and sexual assault.

HEAT presents to all the EHS 120 (Freshman Experience) classes and all the residence halls during the fall. Most Greek chapters and Athletic teams also participate in HEAT workshops throughout the year. Click on “Presentations” to find a workshop to fit your needs.

HEAT also assists with special events and services sponsored by the Wellness Program, such as Depression Screening Day, Alcohol Screening Day, and National Eating Disorders Awareness programs. If you would like HEAT to participate in your event, please e-mail for more information.

The Bradley HEAT program is affiliated with The Bacchus Network.


    1. Prevent the abuse of alcohol and other drugs by university, high school, and grade school students.
    2. Reduce the incidence of drunk driving on and around campus. 3.Create community and campus awareness about the danger involved with irresponsible drinking and unhealthy behaviors.
    4. Alert students to legal and social consequences of underage drinking as well as for possessing false or altered identification.
    5. Provide hands on, interactive demonstrations that allow students to observe the effects of intoxication.
    6. Reduce the overall amount of high-risk drinking on campus.
    7. Promote the concept of "drinking responsibly" for those who are under the legal drinking age.
    8. Provide students with the knowledge and tools to make responsible decisions regarding alcohol, drugs, and other choices facing college students.
    9. Facilitate behavior modification and change in students regarding self-defeating behaviors.
    10. Educate students on the realities of alcohol and drug use employing "social norms" marketing techniques.
    11. Instruct students on ways to protect themselves from sexually transmitted infections.

HEAT Leaders are trained by the following agencies:

American Red Cross
Peoria City/County Health Department
T.I.P.S. (Training for Intervention Procedures)
Certified alcohol counselors from the State of Illinois

During the fall semester, HEAT members give presentations in EHS 120: The University Experience. EHS 120 is a freshman class where students are exposed to the resources of the campus and issues that concern college students. In addition to the EHS presentations, HEAT provides interactive presentations to various campus organizations. A brief list of HEAT presentations follows:

    1. Alcohol Use
    2. Sexual Health
    3. Stress Management
    4. Mental Health
    5. Eating Disorders and Body Image
    6. Tobacco Cessation

HEAT sponsors many awareness activities throughout the school year including:

National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week
Alcohol Awareness Month
World AIDS Day
National Drunk and Drugged Driving Awareness Month
Safe Spring Break
Sexual Responsibility Week


Wellness Program
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