The Bradley HEAT provides training and education on alcohol, sexual health, and sexual assault. If you are interested in scheduling a presentation for your student organization, residence floor, Greek chapter, or other group, please e-mail

Small Group Social Norms

SGSN is designed to correct students’ misperceptions about drinking on campus. This presentation is given to all of the residence halls at the beginning of the fall semester.

Woody’s Wearing One

This presentation discusses a variety of sexual health topics such as healthy relationships, sexual assault prevention, types of protection, and how to get tested for STIs/HIV. All EHS 120 classes receive this presentation.

The Expectancy Challenge

HEAT facilitates this discussion about the physical effects of alcohol vs. the expectancy effects of alcohol using current advertising examples and media clips. This presentation is given to all EHS 120 classes.

Step Up!

Ever hear of the bystander effect? How does it affect you when it comes to alcohol and other problematic situations? This presentation explains how to be an active bystander while also specifically covering Bradley policies and how to help if someone has alcohol poisoning.

Is your group interested in or in need of another health topic presentation?

E-mail us the details ( and we will do our best to make an interactive, beneficial program for you. Past presentations include: healthy decisions (for high school students), bullying, appropriate sexual relationships, body image, stress, and mental health.


Wellness Program
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