[NOTE: #PsiPhi will be mostly inactive from the beginning of May to the end of August, as most of the people using it are at home now.]

[Update: nobody is currently in charge of the #PsiPhi channel]

We have a channel on IRC, #PsiPhi, that has one or more Psi Phi people leading the group. This will be intermittent, but we will try to get a scheduled time for #PsiPhi to be active. Several people have already stopped by!

#PsiPhi had a "bot", PsiCop, who kept the channel active even when SpaceMan and ChiefOps weren't on. PsiCop was not always active, so if you stop by #PsiPhi, he might not be there. Thanks to Joel,, for setting up PsiCop for us!

[NEW!] We now have links to publicly telnettable IRC sites! The University of Oklahoma's Engineering Computer Network ( has several sites: bearcat, corsair, cougar [down?], demon, panther, skyhawk, tiger, and wildcat, all on port 6677.

The people who have stopped by so far include:

   Nickname   Real Name     
  ---------- ------------------------ ----------------------------------
   ANAGNO     Kostas Anagnostopoulos
   [Bum]      Joel ?          
   ChiefOps   David Henderson
   Ix         Paul Mulka [Ford
   Kyle       Roy Kyle Clabaugh
   Lamb       Katherine L. Frieden
   NALA       Amanda Alicia Hill
   Nomad      Robert Lane    
   RedBug     ?                             ?@?
   SpaceMan   Paul Schrenker
   Weirdal    Robert Ray    
   XTC        Lincoln                    WHOA@ppp*
   Yoric      Curtis R. Kuebel

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