Psi Phi Web Site: Awards and Compliments

Shakaar Society

Psi Phi was awarded the Shakaar Society's "Top 5" for May, 1996. The "Top 5" is given in appreciation to sites providing a service to the Science Fiction community, and is chosen not on beauty alone, but on usefulness.

Psi Phi:
The best site for news about the latest episodes and an improved layout.

Starbase 74

The DS9 and Voyager Archives were awarded Starbase 74's "Worthwhile Site Award" for July, 1997.

Magellan Reviews

Magellan has awarded both the Deep Space Nine archive and the Psi Phi site as a whole a Four Star Award.

Psi Phi:
The Bradley University Science Fiction Club WWW site offers an array of indexed information on club members, membership, science fiction archives, meetings, and special events. Events lists include meetings announcements and schedules of screenings for films and television programs.
Deep Space Nine:
At the Deep Space Nine Air Schedule and Press Release Web page, users can access current Paramount air schedules for this science fiction television program as well as official press releases, Nielsen ratings, and information on upcoming episodes. The site also contains a complete listing of episodes from all four seasons of the program's existence.

Also, the Voyager and Rules of Acquisition areas received three stars each:
David Henderson's Star Trek Voyager Page provides a wide range of documents, sound clips and still photos pertaining to the popular science fiction television series. Users will find a number of FAQ lists, episode synopses, and schedules of programming.
Rules of Acquisition:
The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition WWW page is a collection of humorous and semi-serious sayings attributed to the Ferengi from the popular science fiction television series 'Star Trek Deep Space Nine.' Users will find quotes complete with sources from many 'Deep Space Nine' episodes and novels. The site goes on to draw parallels between the Ferengi and modern day business professionals. [Note: It does?]

The Web Design Group

The Web Design Group awarded the DS9 Archive the WDG Award, given to those sites which meet a strict set of qualifications.

Trek Web

TrekWeb chose the DS9 Archive as a "TrekWeb.Com Choice Site".

YPN: Your Personal Network

YPN listed the DS9 Archive first in the "DS9 / Across the Board" section.
The Deep Space Nine Archive:
DS9 fans can come up with their own Rules of Netquisition--patterned after the Ferengi's Rules of Acquisition--for a contest sponsored at this spot. Many of the submitted rules are silly and sound as if Quark himself thought them up. This information-packed page also boasts episode synopses and production data from the first four seasons [now five] of Paramount's TNG follow-up. Find out what episode DS9 is currently airing in Finland, Japan, New Zealand, and a host of other countries.
YPN also listed the Voyager Archive in its "Voyager / Across the Board" section.
Psi Phi's Star Trek: Voyager Archive:
Tim Lynch's intelligently written reviews give this page an edge over similar Voyager sites. A tough critic, Lynch sums up an episode and then examines the merits (or lack of same) of its writing, directing, and acting. Trekkers who resent his pickiness can email the man to get their frustrations off their chests. Fans with empty emailboxes can also sign up for email lists to receive Trek rumors, press releases, and general info.

Star Trek: WWW

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Luca Sambucci gave the Psi Phi site the ranking of Commander. This ranking, however, was given over a year ago, and if Luca were to ever re-assess the site, I'm sure that he'd give a higher ranking. (Or maybe it's just me :-)

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Personal Notes:

Joe Reiss:
"Popular opinion seems to be swinging towards your site recently. With the cleanups since my last visit, I can see why. The new look is clean and very sharp. Congratulations on your success!"