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Call To Order: 9:48 pm

Ryan whacked the table to get everyone's attention, and in the process upset Elizabeth's Romulan ale over Laura.


[There were also two people who checked their names off on the sheet of new meeting attendees, but did not introduce themselves. I'm uncertain if they were there but arrived later, or if perhaps there was a check mark in an incorrect blank. If you have any information about this, please let me know.]

There were at least 27 attendees.


Summarized and approved.



Committee Reports:

Recruitment and Relations Committee: T-Shirt Committee: Movie Committee: ORC (Office Renovation Committee): No Report Committee:

Officers' Reports:

Communications Officer: Constable: Grand Nagus: First Officer:

Ryan began his report at this point, but David mentioned that Ryan had skipped over his report. Ryan apologized, and was (lightly) bapped for this oversight.

Chief of Operations: Captain:

Old Business:

New Business:

  • Homecoming is approaching. Does anyone have any ideas for Psi Phi involvement in it? There will be a parade, and the large plywood things to be painted by organizations will be shaped like stars this year, which is very appropriate for us. One idea given is a tribute to classic science fiction movies, in keeping with the Bradleywood theme.

    Other Organizations' Announcements:

    Scifi News:

    Adjournment: 10:51(eep!)pm

    My apologies for any errors in the minutes. Please let me know of them if you find some, especially if it's your name or the name of someone you know.

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    Minutes / Psi Phi Sector 001 / KZ