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Call To Order: 10:02 (::hit table::)(Aahh!) pm


There were 20 Human (and one proxy) attendees.


Summarized and approved, with a few corrections. About 15 people total attended the Enterprise premiere last week, and not all of them are in the club. Also, Ryan suggested nominating King Kristen and Queen Kenny for Homecoming.

Committee Reports:

Recruitment and Relations Committee: T-Shirt Committee: Movie Committee: ORC (Office Renovation Committee): CRC (Constitution Renovation Committee): No Report Committee:

Officers' Reports:

Communications Officer: Constable: Chief of Operations: Grand Nagus: First Officer: Captain:

Old Business:

New Business:

Other Organizations' Announcements:

Scifi News:

Adjournment: 10:46(eep!)pm

[Note: Please email me if you note any mistakes. This applies to David especially, as I think I may be missing some of the Sci Fi News section.]

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