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Call To Order: 10:06:29 pm


There were 24 attendees.

When Kristen took attendance, Joel Oberdieck declared himself the Alpha Joel.

As David is typing up the minutes, only Humans are included in the attendance list. There were various other items, such as 24 sets of clothing, some papers, purses, wallets, food and beverage containers, and so on which are not included in this list.


Summarized and approved.

Committee Reports:

Recruitment and Relations Committee:

Reunion Committee:

T-Shirt Committee:

Movie Committee:

Office Resource Committee:

Constitution Reform Committee:

Shack-a-Thon Committee:

Acquisition Committee:

No Report Committee:

Officers' Reports:

Communications Officer:


Chief of Operations:

Grand Nagus:

First Officer:


Old Business:

New Business:

Other Organization's Announcements:

Sci-fi News:

Adjournment: 10:57:47 (gazebo) p.m.

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