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Call To Order: 10:00:10 pm


There were 26 conscious attendees, six non-conscious attendees, and one who switched between the two.

The meeting began just outside the shack, but because of the merciless slaughtering of songs going on nearby (aka karaoke), we moved to Founder's Circle and held the meeting around the statue of Lydia Moss Bradley.


Summarized and approved.

Committee Reports:

Recruitment and Relations Committee:

Reunion Committee:

Ancient Business Committee:

T-Shirt Committee:

Movie Committee:

Office Resource Committee:

Constitution Reform Committee:

Shack-a-Thon Committee:

Acquisition Committee:

No Report Committee:

Officers' Reports:

Communications Officer:


Chief of Operations:

Grand Nagus:

First Officer:


Old Business:

New Business:

Other Organization's Announcements:

Sci-fi News:

Adjournment: 10:54:45 (baked potato) p.m. (Invasion Iowa)

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