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Call To Order: 10:18 pm

It is noted that T-shirts were being sold before the start of the meeting, which was delayed by the absence of a recorder (as required by Bylaw 3, Article IV, section 2).


There were 19 attendees.


Not read, due to the absence of the Comm Officer.

Committee Reports:

Recruitment and Relations Committee:

Reunion Committee:

T-Shirt Committee:

Movie Committee:

Office Reform Committee:

Office Resource Committee:

Constitution Reform Committee:

Acquisition Committee:

First Officer Koprucki, not having a list of all of the Committees handy, realizes there is one more Committee left but forgets which one it is. Joel is not pleased at his Committee being forgotten.

No Report Committee:

Officers' Reports:

Communications Officer:


Chief of Operations:

Grand Nagus:

First Officer:


Old Business:

New Business:

Other Organization's Announcements:

Sci-fi News:

Adjournment: 11:04 pm.

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