From: bschmans (Robert Schmanski)
Subject: Meeting Minutes 10/12/94
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 1994 10:32:27 -0500 (CDT)

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The meeting was opened at 10:00 PM

The Captain (Christy McVety) was absent, so the First Officer (Bobby Ray) assumed command as per Articles I and II of our Constitution.

The Communications Officer proposed a set of rules of order to increase the speed and efficiency of future meetings. They were apparently accepted and followed for the rest of the meeting. The Communications Officer took attendance. In attendance were:

Last Meeting's Minutes were read.

Officer's Reports/Q&A:

New Business:

The movie will be sometime Sunday afternoon. It will most likely be Transformers: The Movie. Contact Joe Grabowski for more details later this week. Members expressed interest in seeing more popular/mainstream movies like the Star Wars trilogy and the Star Trek series of movies. Posting announcements about movies was suggested. Price to see the movies was mentioned, of course paid members have reduced or no cost. It was suggested that movies be advertised as "BU ID Required", or guest of person with BU ID.

Late Arrivals:

The Meeting was concluded at 10:15 PM

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