From: davidh@lydia (David Henderson)
Subject: Meeting Minutes 10/26/94
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 1994 23:07:45 -0500 (CDT)

[Channel Open]
[Incoming Transmission from Psi Phi, Office of Communications]

The meeting was opened at 9:59 PM on 10/26/94.

Attendance was taken. In attendance were:

The previous meeting's minutes were unavailable and will be read next week.

Officers Reports/Q&A:

Captain: "I'm here on time!"

First Officer: no report

Secretary: absent [note: came in late]

Nagus: There is currently $27.50 in our "account". The payment status is as follows:

Chief of Operations: The web site is coming along well. We have our minutes, our usual schedule, our Constitution, and many other documents.
Question (Joe Grabowski): How is the "History of Psi Phi" coming along?
Answer: It's on hold, as the Chief has had other pressing matters.
Question (Joe Grabowski): What about the letterhead/poster form?
Answer: It, in its current form, has been abandoned. Another form will be created for the same purpose.

Late Arrival:

Comments/New Business:

New Bylaw

David H. proposed a bylaw which would prohibit general disruptions during any gathering whose episode has not been seen by all viewers (members and non-members alike), which would include all new episodes.

The simple majority of senior officers of the bylaw was attained. The Captain overruled the "next scheduled meeting" clause in Section VII of our Constitution, and a vote was taken. Approved: 9. Against: 0. The bylaw was passed.

[Now all David has to do is get the bylaw specifically written up...]


Angela Finnell (tennis@rhf) has requested to have her name removed from the membership list. Her name was removed from the WWW Membership List.


Joe announced that next weekend is both Halloween Weekend and Parents' Weekend. Various suggestions were taken from the group about possible movies, including Rocky Horror Picture Show, Tremors, Jurassic Park, Alien^3, and Plan 9 from Outer Space. No consensus was reached on which movie will be played on Sunday.

Ed Wood

Jay suggested that a vote be taken to never allow any movie made by Ed Wood to be shown at any Psi Phi function. No vote was taken, probably because everyone else was so noisy.

Movie Committee

Christy McVety suggested making a committee for movie selection, and the motion was seconded by Bob Schmanski. Robert Ray, as First Officer, selected Joe and Jay to be on the Movie Committee. A vote was taken on the selection of this committee, and was passed 9-0.


Bob Schmanski(?) suggested that we update our Constitution with an amendment outlining the duties of our Chief Medical Officer, Don Wood. The proposal was tabled until next semester.

Rules of Order

Bob Schmanski also presented his Rules of Order for the meetings. He will get them sent to David for addition to the Web.
The meeting was concluded at 10:20 PM.

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