Mock Trial at
Bradley University

What is Mock Trial?

Mock Trial is a competition between prosecution (or plaintiff) and defense teams, consisting of undergraduate students taking on the roles of attorneys and witnesses in a criminal or civil legal issue. The American Mock Trial Association sanctions the competition and annually provides case material on a hypothetical issue.

At the beginning of each year the American Mock Trial Association distributes a fictitious case to every team in the country. Teams have their members act as both lawyers and witnesses, forming a theory for each side of the case. In competition each team has an actual trial with another team. In tournaments each team tries both sides of the case.

Course Information

The Mock Trial teams at Bradley University are open to any undergraduate student who wants to compete in mock trial competition. The teams have members of many majors including Political Science, Biology, Communication, English, Education, and Administration of Criminal Justice. All students are welcome.

Mock Trial can also be taken as a one hour class taught by Dr. Craig Curtis. The class meets Tuesday nights for one to two hours and can be taken for either political science or communications credit. You do not have to take the class for credit. Many members of the team compete but receive no credit.

Anyone interested in joining should contact Dr. Curtis. The class and teams form at the beginning of the fall semester. Everyone is welcome.