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Bradley Hilltopics
View Point

Fall 2004 • Volume 10, Issue 4

From the Editor

Bringing you updates of Bradley University news four times a year happens to be one of the most interesting jobs on campus.  Ensuring you continually find us compelling enough to read is a challenge we readily accept.

If you have been a loyal reader of Bradley Hilltopics magazine over the years, you may be a bit amazed by our new look both in print and online.  We have been working hard to rejuvenate and revamp Bradley Hilltopics and Hilltopics Online in an effort to better educate, energize, and entertain you.

For our print redesign Susie Lange Ketterer ’81, principal of Simantel Group Inc., and her design team headed by Jim Jones helped us put our graphic ideas to work.  Next, talented designer/illustrator Michelle Bowers Gray took the reins. As for the development of our online design, Daniel Manson’s Web design savvy pushes Hilltopics Online straight into the 21st century.  Add Nancy Ridgeway’s writing and editing expertise, plus several features by guest writers, and what you see both online and in print are the results of an enthusiastic team effort aimed at benefiting and engaging our readership.

We encourage you to send us your thoughts on all featured topics, including ideas for future issues. Simply look to the right-hand column to either write to the editor or to receive an e-mail notice when Hilltopics Online is updated.  In addition, we will feature online exclusive articles to provide even greater value to our Web users.

We hope you enjoy browsing your new Hilltopics Online Web site.

Karen Crowley Metzinger MA ’97