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Bradley Hilltopics

Spring 2005 • Volume 11, Issue 2

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From orientation on

Howard and Sue Keele CarverHoward ‘66 and Sue Keele Carver ‘66 of Silverthorne, Colorado, met in 1962 during freshman orientation and became reacquainted soon after returning to campus that fall. “While we occasionally dated other people, we became serious about one another very early in our relationship,” comments Howard. “We spent many hours in the Lovelace dorm lounge. Sue was an R.A. there, and it was a great place to study, watch TV, or play gin. We also liked to walk, drive, or do whatever in Bradley Park.”

Howard adds, “We enjoyed going to movies and attending concerts at Robertson Memorial Field House. Those were the days of some of the great folk groups, and they all came: Peter, Paul, and Mary; the Kingston Trio; Chad Mitchell Trio; the cast of Hootenanny; and many others.”

The Carvers also were avid Bradley basketball fans and cheered the team on to an NIT championship in 1964. Married in August 1965, they comment, “There are three memories we talk about often. One is the Bradley Hall fire. The night was frigid, and although the gothic building was severely damaged, its image was burned into our minds (and the minds of most of those who were there with us) forever. Our second memory is the assassination of John F. Kennedy. To this day, we know exactly where we were when we heard.

Interestingly enough, we were in Bradley Hall. Finally, we will never forget the great basketball games at Robertson Memorial Field House and especially the night Coach Joe Stowell ‘50 MA ‘56 fielded the first all-black team in Bradley’s history. It really made us proud considering the racial tension around the country at that time.”

Friends from the first day of classes

Matt and Nikki MaroonMatt ‘02 and Nikki Sedor Maroon ‘02 of Metamora met as freshmen on the first day of classes. “It was the third class of the day,” recalls Nikki. “We met through a mutual friend; the three of us were in class together. We didn’t start dating until November 1999, during our sophomore year. We had become really good friends, and I was dating the mutual friend. Things weren’t working out there, and we thought, ‘Why didn’t we think of this earlier?’”

Married in August 2002, Nikki says, “We studied together. We were about the same age and when we turned 21, we started trying out the clubs together. Usually, we were with our friends. Sometimes, we saw movies at the Student Center, and we ate lunch together a lot. That was our thing; we usually ate in the Student Center. We also worked at the same place, the USDA building, which is where I still work. Matt actually got me my job.”

‘Hey, look me over’

William and Dee RobertsonWilliam “Corky” ‘53 MA ‘64 and Dee Frels Robertson ‘54 met during a “pre-blind date,” of sorts. Dee remembers, “We were introduced by mutual friends at the old Kane Drug Store at the corner of Main and University, now One World Eats & Drinks, prior to a blind date they had set up. I guess you could call it a ‘Hey, look me over’ before we actually went out, so if we had any doubts, we could gracefully back out. “

Obviously each liked what he and she saw, and now the Peorians have been together more than 50 years. That “look me over” meeting happened in December of 1950 and they were married the following December.
Dee comments, “Some of the places familiar to us on campus are history now, like the Tepee and the athletic field. We smile when we pass the parking lot of Haussler Hall on the corner of Glenwood and Laura. We resided in one of the last veterans’ housing units that was on that very spot during Corky’s senior year.”

Corky and Dee enjoyed athletic events, as Corky played football and baseball, and Dee was a cheerleader. They also were active in their respective fraternity, Sigma Chi, and sorority, Chi Omega.

Corky says, “We have lots of fun memories and good friends from our days at Bradley. We still attend Bradley basketball games, and we go to dinner quite frequently with our friend and his wife who brought us together many years ago.”

A successful match

William and Marian HardinWilliam ‘50 and Marian Hoerr Hardin ‘48 also met on a blind date. Bill recalls, “My wife was president of the first Chi Omega group after it went national. They always exchanged invitations to dances between sororities and fraternities, and Marian didn’t have a date for one of the dances. Mina Murphy O’Laughlin ‘49, my wife’s sorority sister, arranged for me to take her.

The Hardins enjoyed many dances together since and fondly remember going to the Père Marquette and the Inglaterra to dance to the Big Bands. Bill adds, “Homecomings were always fun. We used to build house decs at my fraternity, Sigma Chi. We had the bonfires, stage shows, parade, and our dances.”

Bill, who had returned from the Navy, attended Bradley on the G.I. Bill and lived at home near campus, while Marian lived near Glen Oak Park. “I didn’t have a car, so I had to take a streetcar to go see her. Sometimes, I’d miss the last streetcar and would have to walk home.”

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