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Bradley Hilltopics

Spring 2005 • Volume 11, Issue 2

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Love at first sight

Brian McGough and Tammy Pearce McGoughBrian McGough ‘86 first noticed Tammy Pearce McGough ‘87 when she performed as a Bradley Merri-N-Ette at a Bradley basketball game. He asked Dave Anthes ‘87 MBA ‘89 to introduce the pair. “Dave told Brian to stop by his dorm room one evening when some friends and I were visiting,” says Tammy. “At the time, I was a sophomore living in Harper Hall, and Brian was a junior and was Assistant Head Resident of Harper-Wyckoff Hall. Brian and I dated the rest of our days at Bradley.”

Tammy says their memories include parties, formals, and hanging out with friends on campus, “when not faithfully attending class, of course.” She adds, “During my senior year, I lived in an apartment on Fredonia, and Brian would come to visit. (He graduated the year before.) A typical student apartment, it was in need of repair and didn’t always seem structurally sound.”

The McGoughs, who were married in 1987 and live in Naperville, laugh as they recall taking a theatre appreciation class together. “We saw Martin Landau perform in Dracula at the Peoria Civic Center Theatre. We both thought his performance was terrible, but he later went on to win an Academy Award! So much for our appreciation of theatre.”

Tammy, who still knows all the words to Hail, Red and White, adds, “We both enjoyed attending Bradley basketball games and have passed that on to our three sons. They know the present Bradley players’ names and numbers better than they know the Chicago Bulls. We also enjoyed attending other sporting events, movies, and exploring Peoria and its many interesting places, such as Ray’s Patio Inn, Katie McButt’s Tavern, Jimmy’s, and Sully’s.”

Tropical romance

Jerry and Jan Owens KeheJerry ‘68 and Jan Owens Kehe ‘68 of Barrington had known each other for awhile, but they didn’t become interested in each other until they were among a group of Bradley students who went to Nassau over spring break. “A huge group from Pi Phi and a huge group from Sigma Chi went, and we were all together,” remembers Jan. Looking back at their college days, Jan says, “Most of the things we did had to do with the fraternity and sorority. It seemed pretty important at the time. We went to the basketball games, and Bradley had football at the time. I was a speech therapy major, which was intensive, so I had a tremendous number of internships. Those became my activities because I had so many clinical hours.”

She says one of her favorite memories was when a Sigma Chi would get pinned or engaged. “They all came over, 40 or 50 men, and serenaded in front of your house. They’d sing The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. That was the tradition at the time.”

The Kehes met in 1965 and married in 1967. “We married between our junior and senior years. We went to the University of Hawaii that summer and took courses there, then finished at Bradley. It was fun. I didn’t want a big wedding, and we decided we’d rather go there for three months.”

Just before graduating

Eric ‘96 and Sheri Karp Singer ‘97 of Chicago met very briefly at the Lucky Lady shortly before Eric’s December graduation. He was a bartender at Sully’s and they saw each other a few times there, but Eric was looking beyond to his future after college. “Then we met again at a New Year’s Eve party at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. It was totally random. I went with my friends, and she went with hers. She recognized me first. We started dating then and dated for about six years. We got engaged in October 2002 and were married August 31, 2003,” says Eric, who took Sheri back to the Museum of Contemporary Art to propose.

“I never thought I’d see her again, and there she was,” he says as he remembers the New Year’s Eve party. “Since we met right before I graduated, we didn’t have as many on-campus memories with each other. We both have great memories from Bradley, just not really of us together.”

Rekindled romance

Carl and Melinda AlstonCarl ‘86 and Melinda Crouch Alston ‘85 of Wheaton met during Carl’s freshman year and Mindy’s sophomore year. Carl remembers, “I had seen her on campus and wanted to know who she was. Her long, blonde hair really caught my attention.” Carl laughs at the psychic abilities of his friend Steve Bartlebaugh ‘85. “He introduced me to her one night at a Theta Chi party, then told me, ‘You’re going to marry that girl someday.’ I was 18, running around dating everybody, and I thought he was crazy. Ten years later, he was right.”

Carl and Mindy dated occasionally during college, going to Theta Chi social events and taking late-night walks to Bradley Park. “Carl was very involved in Theta Chi, and I was traveling most weekends on the speech team. We enjoyed dating, but it wasn’t serious.”

After graduation, Mindy left Peoria to study for her master’s degree, and they lost touch with each other. “I returned to Peoria about a year later for an internship. I decided to drive by the fraternity one summer day to see if there was anybody there I knew. I saw Carl out back playing basketball and got a little jolt. It took me a few days to gather up the nerve to call. When we saw each other again, I think we both knew it was
going to be serious this time.”

The Alstons were married in August 1992.

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