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Bradley Hilltopics

Spring 2008 • Volume 14, Issue 2
View Point

Still inspiring students

I was pleased to know Dr. Jungck was still teaching at BU. He was one of my favorites. I’m sure he has inspired many other students over his 48-year career at Bradley. Please consider a more detailed article in the upcoming Hilltopics.

Ron Rybolt ’90
Pana, Illinois

Editor’s note: Please go to Note Book for an article on Dr. Gerald Jungck, 2007 Caterpillar professor of mathematics.

New BU president

I just finished reading the Hilltopics article on the new Bradley president, Joanne Glasser. I had the honor of hearing her speak at my daughter’s (Emily Thompson ’07) commencement.

Ms. Glasser touched me very deeply with her message. I’m on long-term disability now, but I worked for Caterpillar for over 33 years. I was also thrilled to have Gerry Shaheen ’66 MBA ’68 introduce her. It combined the two important parts of my college and professional careers.

I applaud her statement, “I think integrity is the cornerstone of anyone’s reputation…At the end of the day, all we have is our reputation, and that’s what we leave behind us.”

Brice Bain ’74 MBA ’78
East Peoria, Illinois

Thanks from Springfield

Thank you for the tremendous honor of allowing me to be your commencement day speaker at the May 2007 ceremony. As I reviewed my first year in office as state treasurer, giving the commencement address to the extraordinary Bradley University student body was one of my most memorable and enjoyable moments.

Some of my closest advisors have deep roots at Bradley, including Dr. Robin Kelly ’78 MA ’82, my chief of staff, who sits on the Board of Trustees. Her level of success in life is a true testament to the quality education that Bradley provides.

Please know you have converted your state treasurer into an honorary Bradley Brave!

Alexi Giannoulias
Springfield, Illinois

Revisiting LST 325

My daughter, a recent graduate of Bradley, received her latest Hilltopics. I enjoy reading it as much as she does. Having just visited Evansville last month where I toured the LST 325, I was especially interested in the article by Justin Phelps ’05 entitled, “History Sets Sail.”

The article said Ron Bezouska ’56, the volunteer on the LST, is 73 years old and a veteran of World War II. How can that be? If Ron is 73, then he was born in 1934. World War II went from 1941–1945. If he graduated from Bradley in 1956 at 22 years old, then entered the Navy, it is much more possible that he is a veteran of the Vietnam War.

Kris Tyler
Des Plaines, Illinois

Editor’s note: Our apologies…Ron Bezouska served between the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

I read with great interest the story about the LST 325. I am a veteran of World War II, having served in the Army of occupation. I have followed the story of this ship since it was brought back from Greece. I am 81 and was in basic at Fort Knox when Japan surrendered.

James M. Lantz ’51
Macomb, Illinois