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Summer 2008 • Volume 14, Issue 3  

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A race in the wilderness

MATTHEW FOX ’00 is heading to the Montana wilderness, June 21-July 2, to participate in Primal Quest, an event often called the “Super Bowl of adventure racing.” Adventure racing, which started in the 1980s in New Zealand, is an ecologically friendly, multi-sport competition. Co-ed teams of four travel non-stop for 10 days through a series of checkpoints, alternating between trekking/trail running, free climbing, negotiating fixed ropes, orienteering, paddling, riverboarding, and mountain biking over rugged terrain to the finish line.
First held in 2002, Primal Quest is an annual competition based in North America. This year’s event will include 57 teams from five countries. The event involves traveling more than 400 miles, non-stop, night and day, all on non-motorized transportation.

Fox explains adventure races can be sprints, day events, or multiple-day events known as expeditions. The longest race he has competed in was a 16-hour event.  He has assumed many other roles within adventure racing, as well. He has helped an adventure racing club with marketing and support, led the club for two years, and now, he is an at-large board member. He has written short articles, been quoted in the Chicago Tribune, worked with the technical director for a previous Primal Quest, and now, he has been selected as a support person for the Dirty Avocados team when they compete in Primal Quest Montana.

A business analyst for Discover Card in the north suburbs of Chicago, Fox comments, “My role will be (in no particular order): chef, therapist, organizer, medic, driver, gopher, mechanic, and comedian.” He says, “A friend told me it’s like being a mom to all the racers. And you know, those are a lot of the same things a mom would do.”

To learn more about adventure racing, to follow the race, or to read about the Dirty Avocados, vist these Web sites: