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Summer 2008 • Volume 14, Issue 3  

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BU student-athlete wins on The Price is Right

Delving into issues in D.C.

CHERYL CORLEY ’76, Chicago bureau reporter for National Public Radio, was in Washington, D. C., June 12-19, to host Tell Me More, one of NPR’s newest shows. Michel Martin is the regular host for the show, which airs in D. C., Detroit, and several stations in the South. It will soon be aired in New York.

Among the topics on the shows hosted by Corley are a debate in France over the annulment of a marriage, the plight of albinos who are being murdered in Tanzania because of their appearance, an interview about how Native Americans are suing the government for billions of dollars owed from land trusts, gay marriage, an interview with an African-American World War II veteran and his view of the dispute between Spike Lee and Clint Eastwood regarding the portrayal of African-Americans in World War II films, and an official from the African-American Civil War Museum in Washington, D.C. discussed the meaning of Juneteenth.

To listen to her shows, visit and choose a date between June 12 and 19 from “Past Shows.”