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Bradley Hilltopics

Winter 2010 • Volume 16, Issue 1  

Alumni News
Alumni News  |  People & Events  


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BU Who Knew?

BU Who Knew? MATT NOE ’02, center, hosted “BU Who Knew?” in an EHS 120 freshman experience course last fall. Teams of students answered trivia about Bradley’s history as they raced through a cartoon Founder’s Circle. Twenty-six alumni volunteers hosted “BU Who Knew?” in 44 sections of the course. The game is a result of the Bradley University Alumni Association’s (BUAA) student engagement plan. Visit for more information.


Hayden-Clark Alumni Center groundbreaking

Hayden-Clark Alumni Center groundbreaking JERRY HAYDEN ’59 and MARILYN KELLER HAYDEN ’61, left, and BOB CLARK ’67 and his wife Kathleen joined President Joanne Glasser in “breaking ground” for the new Hayden-Clark Alumni Center on October 1. Due to heavy rain, the ceremony was in the Markin Center.


Dinner for 10

Dinner for 10 KATIE McGURN ’07 and LESLIE SCHULTZ ’07 hosted students from the Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts as part of the Dinner for 10 program. From left to right, front row: HEIDI HOFFMAN ’10, DANIELLE SHYLANSKI ’10, Schultz, LEAH MORAN ’10, and RACHEL BERG ’10.



Philadelphia Bradley Trustee ROBERT TURNER ’77 MBA ’78 and his wife Carolyn visit with BU President Joanne Glasser at an afternoon alumni event they hosted at their home on October 25.


BFAN reunion

BFAN reunion The Bradley Forensics Alumni Network (BFAN) hosted about 45 Bradley speech team alumni on November 7 for an evening reunion during the annual Norton Speech Tournament in Peoria.


Sal Tinajero recruitment

SAL TINAJERO ’94 and his wife JENNIFER SNOW TINAJERO ’95 hosted Sal’s forensics students and their parents at their home in November. The group heard about opportunities at Bradley from Dr. Jeff Huberman, dean of the Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts. The Tinajero family has hosted a growing number of parents and prospective Bradley students for the past eight years at their home in Santa Ana, Calif. “Now, we have our own young alums who return to our home to encourage our high school students to become part of the Bradley family,” says Sal. “It opens doors for networking with each other and for recruiting. Last year we held a Bradley alumni event at Angels Stadium and invited high school recruits so they could feel what's it like to be part of the family.”