ITEMS Video List

Africa Before the Europeans 100-1500VT0650
African Origins & the 18th Century Slave Trade Dr. D. Littlefield 2/96VT0622
Against the Odds: The Artists of the Harlem RenaissanceVT0746
American ExperienceVT0748
American Experience: Roots of Resistence - A Story of the Underground RailroadVT0747B
Bahia: Africa in the AmericasVT0653
Bell Hooks (9/90)VT0130
Bicycle CorpsVT1200
Black History: LostVT0254
Black PanthersVT0665
Black PowerVT1319
By RiverVT1194
Crucible Of Empire: The Spanish-American WarVT1201
Dark PassagesVT0749
Eyes Prize: Mississippi; Is This America? (1962-64)/Bridge to Freedom (1965)VT0639C
Eyes on Prize: Aint Gonna Shuffle No More (1964-72/Nation of Law? (1968-71)VT0639F
Eyes on Prize: Keys to the Kingdom (1974-80)/Back to Movement (1979-80s)VT0639G
Eyes on the Prize: Aint Scared of Your Jails (1960-61)/No Easy Walk (1961-63)VT0639B
Eyes on the Prize: Awakenings (1954-56)/Fighting Back (1957-62)VT0639A
Eyes on the Prize: Power! (1966-68)/The Promised Land (1967-68)VT0639E
Eyes on the Prize: The Time Has Come (1964-66)/Two Societies (1965-68)VT0639D
Gender Roles of Low Income African American Women (90)VT0301
Indians of North America - IroquoisVT1040A
Indians of North America - SeminoleVT1040B
Making Sense of The Sixties: Breaking BoundariesVT0788C
Making Sense of The Sixties: In A Dark TimeVT0788D
Making Sense of The Sixties: Legacies of The SixtiesVT0788F
Making Sense of The Sixties: Picking Up The PiecesVT0788E
Making Sense of The Sixties: Seeds of The SixtiesVT0788A
Making Sense of The Sixties: We Can Change The WorldVT0788B
Malcolm X (A)VT0554A
Malcolm X (B)VT0554B
Malcolm X: Make It PlainVT0569
Men Who Sailed The Liberty ShipsVT1024
Nightline: Aids In Africa 3-10-00VT1111
Nikki Giovanni Speech 1/96VT0621
OPRAH - Racism on College Campuses (7/90)VT0282
Presenting Mr. Frederick Douglass: Lesson of the HourVT0636
Pyramids & Cities of PharaohsVT0743
Roots of Resistance: A Story of the Underground RailroadVT0747A
Scottsboro - An American TragedyVT1173
Simple JusticeVT0641
Slaverys Buried PastVT0739
That RhythmVT1039
Thurgood Marshall; Portrait Of An America HeroVT1202
Up With Multiculturalism-11-3-94 Garrett Center (tape 2)VT0754B
Up With Multiculturalism-11-3-94 Garrett CenterVT0754A
Upsouth:African American Migration in the Era of the Great WarVT1256
Walk A Mile In My ShoesVT1278
Women In Am.Life Pt.1; 1861-80:Civil WarVT0742