ITEMS Video List

2000 Winners - London International Advertising AwardsVT1234
35 UpVT1428
60 Minutes: Larry King Interview (10/92)VT0426
ABC News:The Big BucksVT0471
Abel: Image ResearchVT0020
American TonguesVT0502
American TonguesVT0502B
Apollo 13VT1225
Best Campaign Commercials of 86VT0006
Beyond HumanVT1304
Booknotes: RehnquistVT0398
Bridge On The River KwaiVT1226
Broadcast JournalismVT0246
CBS News - Bush/Rather InterviewVT0269
CEO Exchange - Entertainment in the Digital AgeVT1305
CNN O.J. Simpson Trial: Closing Arguments for the Defense (D)VT0628D
CNN O.J. Simpson Trial: Closing Arguments for the Defense (E)VT0628E
CNN O.J. Simpson Trial: Closing Arguments for the Defense (F)VT0628F
CNN O.J. Simpson Trial: Closing Arguments for the Defense (G)VT0628G
CNN O.J. Simpson Trial: Closing Arguments for the Prosecution (B)VT0628B
CNN O.J. Simpson Trial: Closing Arguments for the Prosecution (C)VT0628C
CNN O.J. Simpson Trial: Opening Arguments for the ProsecutionVT0628A
CNN O.J. Simpson Trial: The VerdictVT0628H
Communications That CountVT0346
Cyberspace: Freedom or Regulation?VT0735
Cyberspace: Virtual Unreality?VT0734
Dead Poets SocietyVT1224
Decl. Stand.News:Is It All TVs Fault? "News Standards-Why Should We Care?"VT0521C
Declining Standards In News: Is It All Televisions Fault? "Local TV Tabloid"VT0521B
Declining Standards In News: Is It All Televisions Fault? "Print vs. TV"VT0521A
Empire of the Air: The Men Who Made RadioVT0362
FRONTLINE: HackersVT1297
FRONTLINE: High Stakes in CyberspaceVT0603
FRONTLINE: Inside the Jury RoomVT0482
FRONTLINE: The Merchants of CoolVT1306
Face of Russia: Facing the Future Part 3VT1429C
Face of Russia: The Facade of Power Part 2VT1429B
Face of Russia: The Face of the Firewood Part 1VT1429A
Great Speeches: IVT0076A
Great Speeches: IIVT0076B
Great Speeches: IIIVT0076C
Great Speeches: IVVT0076D
Great Speeches: IXVT0076I
Great Speeches: VVT0076E
Great Speeches: VIVT0076F
Great Speeches: VIIVT0076G
Great Speeches: VIIIVT0076H
Great Speeches: XVT0076J
Great Speeches:Todays Women XIVT0076K
Harlan County USAVT1425
He SaidVT1196
Hoop DreamsVT1426
How to Light for VideographyVT0250
How to Record Sound for VideoVT0243
How to Shoot Sports ActionVT0244
How to Shoot VideoVT0251
Human FaceVT0600
Human VoiceVT0489
Hunt For Red OctoberVT1227
Independent Media In A Time Of WarVT1438
Inside Television News (5-part series)VT0404
Interpersonal Competence SeriesVT0214A
Interpersonal Competence SeriesVT0214B
Interpersonal Competence SeriesVT0214C
Life Goes to the Movies- Golden Age of HollywoodVT0058
Life Goes to the Movies- The 50sVT0061
Life Goes to the Movies- War YearsVT0059
Live Goes to the Movies- Movies TodayVT0062
Live Goes to the Movies- Post War EraVT0060
MEDIAWAVES-Global Media #126VT0792B
MEDIAWAVES-Print News #118VT0792A
Making of Television NewsVT0247
Media EquationVT1270
Media MattersVT0601
Miles & Quincy - Live at MontreuxVT0894
Molly Ivins Cant Say ThatVT1302
Nerds 2.0.1: Vol. One - Networking the Nerds;VT0917A
Nerds 2.0.1: Vol. Three - Winning the WorldVT0917C
Nerds 2.0.1:Vol. Two - Serving the SuitsVT0917B
Nightline: Americas Working Poor 4/15/04VT1446
No Logo: Brands Globalization ResistanceVT1400
Operation Urgent FuryVT0272
Pilgrim Must EmbarkVT0563
Power of The PaperVT0495
Private UniverseVT0675
Race Against Prime TimeVT0329
Rich MediaVT1401
Sexual StereotypesVT1326A
She Says: Women in NewsVT1314
Skin DeepVT0795
Smithsonian World: Speaking Without WordsVT0455
Stuart Hall: Representation & the MediaVT0726
Super Bowl Commercials - Dr. GerszewskiVT1058B
Taking Care of BusinessVT0669
Teleconference with Neil Postman - 12/9/97VT0801B
Teleconference with Neil Postman 12/97VT0801
Through the Eyes of Forrest Gump; The Making of an Extraordinary FilmVT1410
Twelve OClock HighVT1223
Valuing Diversity Multicultural Communication (2 copies)VT0733
Valuing Diversity: Multi-Cultural CommunicationVT0733B
Video McLuhanVT0737A
Video McLuhanVT0737B
Video McLuhanVT0737C
Video McLuhanVT0737D
Video McLuhanVT0737E
Video McLuhanVT0737F
Violence & Sex on TV: Phil DonahueVT0533
Visions of Heaven & Hell: Welcome to the JungleVT0616
Why We Buy What We BuyVT1326B
Why We Do What We DoVT1326C
World Of GesturesVT0428B
World of DifferencesVT0935
World of GesturesVT0428
net.LEARNING: Distance Learning The Great ControversyVT0884
net.LEARNING: Learning From Socrates to CyberspaceVT0883