ITEMS Video List

ABC News: "College Drinking"VT0843
Administering the WISC-R: Part IVT0191A
Administering the WISC-R: Part IIVT0191B
Alcohol: The Social DrugVT0256
Am. Assoc. for Counsel.&Dev.:Rollo May on the Art of CouncelingVT0459
Am. Counsel. Assoc. Process Leadership & Supervision Pt I Early Dev.VT0646A
Am.Coun.Assoc.Pro.Leader.&Super.Pt III Working Stage & TerminationVT0646C
Am.Coun.Assoc.Pro.Leadership&Super.Pt II Mov.Through Transition..VT0646B
Consultation to a Divorcing FamilyVT0377A
Consultation to a Divorcing FamilyVT0377B
Discovering Everyday Spirituality - ActivityVT1320A
Discovering Everyday Spirituality - PlaceVT1320B
Discovering Everyday Spirituality - RitualVT1320D
Discovering Everyday Spirituality - StoryVT1320C
Edu. & Dev. Psy.: Head of the ClassVT0196
Edu. & Dev. Psy.: The Developing ChildVT0197
Good Old Fashioned DisciplineVT0194
Memory: Fabric of the MindVT0195
New Urban RenewalVT1258A
New Urban RenewalVT1258B
New Urban RenewalVT1258C
Pederson: Developing Multicultural AwarenessVT0487
Tough Guise: Media Images & The Crisis In MasculinityVT1195
Vanishing LineVT0889