ITEMS Video List

Affirmative Action: The History Of An IdeaVT1149
Allyn & Bacon Interactive Video for Foundations of Education & Introduction to TeachingVT1307
America in the 21st CenturyVT0337
Apple Computer: Grade School ExperimentVT0190
Autism: Breaking ThroughVT0561
Autism: Learning To LiveVT0524
Behavior Problems in the ClassroomVT0381
Brain-Based Learning and Teaching 1VT1495A
Brain-Based Learning and Teaching 2VT1495B
Breaking SilenceVT0479
Childhood: Great Expectations/Louder Than WordsVT0357
Classroom Assessment: Putting It Into PracticeVT0345
Conferencing with Student Teachers: The Beginning & Ending ConferenceVT0424C
Conferencing with Student Teachers: The Excellent Student TeacherVT0424A
Conferencing with Student Teachers: The Incompetent Student TeacherVT0424B
Conjoint Family Therapy & People MakingVT0378
Constructivism: Case Studies in Constructivist TeachingVT0680
Constructivism: Putting the Learner FirstVT0679
Coping With Attention Deficit Disorder In ChildrenVT0781
Cultural Identity TheoryVT1453
Day Care NightmaresVT0324
Dr. T. Cummings Chemistry Class (4/91)VT0352
Dynamic InterviewingVT0036
Education in America: 17th & 18th CenturiesVT0577
Education in America: 19th CenturyVT0578
Education in America: Twentieth Century DevelopmentsVT0579
Effective TeacherVT1356A
Effective TeacherVT1356B
Effective TeacherVT1356C
Effective TeacherVT1356D
Effective TeacherVT1356E
Effective TeacherVT1356F
Effective TeacherVT1356G
Effective TeacherVT1356H
End of EducationVT0661
Environmental VideoVT0553A
Environmental VideoVT0553B
Environmental VideoVT0553C
Environmental VideoVT0553D
Environmental VideoVT0553E
Environmental VideoVT0553F
Excellence in Teaching - Assigning Effective HomeworkVT1308E
Excellence in Teaching - Avoiding BurnoutVT1308A
Excellence in Teaching - Constructive Parent ConferencesVT1308D
Excellence in Teaching - Cooperative LearningVT1308H
Excellence in Teaching - Creative Teaching MethodsVT1308I
Excellence in Teaching - Integrating Computers in the CurriculumVT1308F
Excellence in Teaching - Keeping Control of the ClassVT1308C
Excellence in Teaching - Lesson PlanningVT1308G
Excellence in Teaching - Managing Student ConflictVT1308B
Excellence in Teaching - The Beauty of TeachingVT1308J
Funding Educational TechnologyVT0670
Global Geography: Central and South America; EuropeVT0355C
Global Geography: East Asia; Australia/New Zealand; North Africa/SW AsiaVT0355B
Global Geography: South AsiaVT0355A
Hands On: A Year In An East Kentucky ClassroomVT0655
How Difficult Can This Be?VT0338
How To Start The School Year RightVT1150
Including MeVT0331
Institutional Effectiveness & the ClassroomVT0564
Integrating Instruction & AssessmentVT0383
It Feels Good to help your baby learn!VT1502
Its a Wild RideVT1362
Kids & Race: Working It OutVT0556
Language & Hearing Impaired ChildrenVT0722
Last One PickedVT1222
Learning Disabilities And Social SkillsVT1190
Learning in America: Teach Your ChildrenVT0213B
Learning in America: The Education RaceVT0213A
Learning in America: Upstairs/DownstairsVT0213C
Learning in America: Wanted a Million TeachersVT0213D
Lets Talk: First Step to ConversationVT0270
Life Habitat: Down on the Forest FloorVT0394F
Life Habitat: Life in the City HabitatVT0394E
Life Habitat: The Puzzle of the Rotting LogVT0394B
Life Habitat: The Secret of the PondVT0394A
Life Habitat: The Story of the Woodland StreamVT0394D
Life Habitat: Whats in Your BackyardVT0394C
Making Contracts: The Power of NetworkingVT0035
Morality: The Process of DevelopmentVT1499
Moving UpVT0037
Multisensory Social StudiesVT0457
Negotiating Competitive Salaries & BenefitsVT0038
New Schools New TeachersVT0879
Oh Say What They See: An Intro. to Indirect Language Stimulation TechniquesVT0258
Opposite SexVT0568A
Opposite SexVT0568B
Partnerships That WorkVT1363
Paying the FreightVT0213E
Piagets Developmental Theory: ClassificationVT1498
Piagets Developmental Theory: Concrete OperationsVT1496
Piagets Developmental Theory: An OverviewVT0841
Piagets Developmental Theory: ConservationVT1497
Planning a Successful Job HuntVT0039
Prentice Hall - Critical Issues in Multicultural Education - Cassette OneVT1309A
Prentice Hall - Critical Issues in Multicultural Education - Cassette ThreeVT1309C
Prentice Hall - Critical Issues in Multicultural Education - Cassette TwoVT1309B
Prentice Hall ABC News - Critical Issues in EducationVT1312
Preparing Tomorrows Teachers to Use TechnologyVT1364
Principal as an Instructional LeaderVT0030
Redesigning AssessmentVT0363
Respecting Diversity In The ClassroomVT1153
Ritalin: Drug Treatment For Attention Deficit DisorderVT0684
School Violence Prevention: Past LessonVT0139B
School Violence Prevention: Past LessonsVT0139A
School Violence Prevention: Past LessonsVT0139C
Seans StoryVT0681
Seasons of Life: Childhood & Adolescence (6-20)VT0382B
Seasons of Life: Early Adulthood (20-40)VT0382C
Seasons of Life: Infancy & Early Childhood (0-6)VT0382A
Seasons of Life: Late Adulthood (60+)VT0382E
Seasons of Life: Middle Adulthood (40-60)VT0382D
Seeing RedVT1266
Self-Esteem IIVT0356
Something MagicalVT0429
Space to GrowVT0422
Spirit of the DawnVT0873
State of America Education Address U.S. Secretary of Edu. 2/98VT0814
Stuttering & Other Speech DisordersVT0436
Teachers & TechnologyVT1365
Teachers Touch the FutureVT1501
Teaching Students w/Special Needs: an Introduction To Social StudiesVT0339
Teaching from the HeartVT1500
Technology Update:New Directions in the ClassroomVT0438
Unequal Education: Failing Our ChildrenVT0732
W.E.B. DuBois of Great BarringtonVT0555
Writers WorkshopVT1229
Writing Resumes That SellVT0040