ITEMS Video List

Alcohol and NutritionVT0914
All About IronVT0913
American HouseVT0813
Are You Making Your Family Sick?VT1070
Blended Families: YoursVT0830
Body Culture (10/94)VT0517
Bulimia: The Binge-Purge ObsessionVT0273
Buy Me That 3! A Kids Guide To Food AdvertisingVT1183
Buy Now * Pay Later Credit BasicsVT1271
Buyer Be Aware: Avoid Rip-OffsVT0359
Calling for Your DollarsVT0205
Children of Single Parents: Whered My Other Parent Go?VT0831
Consumer Fraud: Games Con Men PlayVT0186
Consumer Reports-Houses & CondosVT0057
Consumer Reports-TravelingVT0056
Consumer Reports: Cars (8-3-00 outdated per Dr. Nina Collins)VT0008
Consumer Should KnowVT0011
Credit Cards: Living With PlasticVT0360
Credit Wise: Coming To Terms (2 copies)VT0532A
Credit Wise: Coming To TermsVT0532B
Dairy Nutrition Council: Food at its FinestVT0159
Diet & Weight Managment: What Really WorksVT1199
Digestive SystemVT1191
Eating Healthy: For Heart HealthVT0358B
Eating Healthy: For KidsVT0358C
Eating Healthy: For LifeVT0358D
Eating Healthy: For Weight ControlVT0358E
Eating Healthy: When Dining OutVT0358A
Ethnic Eating: Spanish FoodsVT1487
Etiquette Hotline: Table MannersVT1019
European UnionVT0920
FDA/USDA Food Safety Challenge of Raw & Partially Cooked FoodsVT0520
Fad Diets: The Weight Loss Merry-Go-RoundVT0834
Family & Consumer Sciences Fashion Show10/29/94VT0539
Family Financial Management Around the WorldVT0549
Fashion Through The Ages: Fashion In The Ancient WorldVT0688A
Fashion Through The Ages: Fasion in the Ancient WorldVT0688F
Fashion Through The Ages: The Dark Ages Through The 17th CenturyVT0688B
Fashion Through The Ages: The Dark Ages Throught 17th CenturyVT0688E
Fashion Through The Ages: The Late 1680s Through The 19th CenturyVT0688C
Fashion Through The Ages: The Late 1680s thru 17th CenturyVT0688G
Fashion Through The Ages: The Twentieth CenturyVT0688D
Fashion Through The Ages: The Twentieth CenturyVT0688H
Fashion Video (10/92)VT0414
Fashion Video: American Best/International SpiritVT0161
Fashion Video: Italian/Great BritainVT0160
Fashion Video: Paris Classics/French FlairVT0162
Fat FightersVT0374
Fit For A KingVT0827
Food & Cancer PreventionVT0399
Food Guide PyramidVT0492
Food Safety is No MysteryVT0228
Food Sensitivities: Allergy & IntoleranceVT1198
Furniture: A Buyers GuideVT0845
Getting Your Moneys WorthVT0014
Heart of the HomeVT1450
Home Economics-The Multidimensional ProfessionVT0079
Home Economics: 1993 Fashion Show 10/93VT0473
House Beautiful: Baths & BedroomsVT1368
How Young Children Learn To ThinkVT0019
Human Nutrition Methodologies: Pt. 3: Energy Expenditure AssessmentVT0581
Interior Design the BasicsVT1449
Introduction To Interior DesignVT1355
Iron Deficiency Anemia in PregnancyVT0660
Is Your Number UP?VT0478
It Only Takes One Bite: Food Allergy and AnaphylaxisVT0322
Kitchen Safety: Preventing FallsVT0405
Library Nutrition & Cancer:Nutrition For Prevention & Adjuvant Ther.of CancerVT0816C
Library of Nutrition & Cancer: An Introduction To DietVT0816A
Library of Nutrition & Cancer: PhytochemicalsVT0816B
Low-Fat CookingVT0835
Making Choices With The Environment In MindVT0519
Making Smart Choices About What Athletes EatVT0583
Man Made FibersVT0026
Manners at WorkVT0683
Medicine: Know The Facts!VT1182
Money And MarriageVT1156
New Food LabelingVT0486
Nutrition Pathways (Preview)VT0648
Nutrition-Focused Physical Assessment Skills for DietitiansVT0971
One Step AheadVT0310
Packaging: The Science Of TemptationVT1178
Performance FactorVT0530
Power Of PlayVT1203
Prenatal DevelopmentVT1285
Problem With FoodVT1184
Promotion-How Retailers Use Special Events to Improve Market ShareVT0962
Putting Consumers in Charge: Credit Education Strategies 12/94VT0547A
Quality & Cost ControlVT0406A
Quality & Cost ControlVT0406B
Recent Foodborne Disease Outbreaks: Lessons Learned & Whats NextVT0627
Renal NutritionVT0491
Retail Buying Series: Planning The PurchaseVT0921
Retailing Trends in the New MillenniumVT1028
Risk Classification: The Fair ApproachVT0202
Sanitation & SafetyVT0400
School Food Allergy ProgramVT0950
Secrets of Selling: How Stores Turn Shoppers into BuyersVT0620
Serving Sizes: Nutritional Equivalents (outdated per Dr. Davidson)VT0319
Smart Shopping With The Food LabelVT1021
So Easy To Preserve - Caning Fruits & TomatoesVT0882
So Easy To Preserve - Canning VegetablesVT0881
Still ShinyVT1231
Stock Market BasicsVT1437
Supermarket Persuasion: How Food is MerchandisedVT0309
Supermarket Persuasion: What Marketers KnowVT1369
Take Aim At SanitationVT0523
Tip-Top Tots: The Nutrition Pyramid for PreschoolersVT0847
To Your Credit-EFT at Your ServiceVT0034
Training Teleconference for Putting Consumers In ChargeVT0547B
Using Color: Creating Color HarmonyVT1478
Visual MerchandisingVT1272
Vitamin BasicsVT0638
Warning: Dieting May be Hazardous to Your HealthVT0245
Why You Buy: How Ads PersuadeVT0198
Wide World of Food Service BrushesVT0408
Window Treatment BasicsVT1110
Winning Sports Nutrition: The Training DietVT0540
World of Design: Pt. 1-Terra Nova; Pt. 2-Masterworks of 20th CenturyVT0592
You Can Be Too Thin: Understanding Anorexia & Bulimia (A)VT0267A
You Can Be Too Thin: Understanding Anorexia & Bulimia (B)VT0267B
You Can Be Too Thin: Understanding Anorexia & Bulimia (C)VT0267C