ITEMS Video List

60 Minutes William PierceVT0676
A Days Work A Days PayVT1471
A Hard Days Night (The Beatles)VT1482
A Time to Love and a Time to Die.VT1539
After LifeVT3016
All The Mornings Of The WorldVT1139
American Enterprise Series (5 parts)VT0002
Americas 4: Mirrors of the Heart: Race & IdentityVT0435A
Americas 5: In Womens Hands: The Changing Roles of WomenVT0435B
Americas 6: Miracles Are Not Enough: Continuity and Change in ReligionVT0435C
Americas Response to the HolocaustVT0446
An Enemy of the PeopleVT1283
An Unknown Country & The Elle River (4/91)VT0312
Ancient AfricansVT0527
Ancient ChineseVT0528
Ancient PeruviansVT0529
Aparajito-Apu TrilogyVT0968B
Art & Revolution in MexicoVT0691
Assault On Gay America : FrontlineVT1204
Atomic CafeVT1137
Ballad Of NarayamaVT1109
Barbarian And The GeishaVT1403
Battle of AlgiersVT0911
Battle of San PietroVT1310
Bay Of PigsVT1168
Beaumarchais: The ScoundrelVT1455
Behind The Rising SunVT1407
Berlin Journey of a CityVT0852
Berlin; Symphony Of A Great CityVT1161
Beyond SilenceVT1290
Bicycle ThiefVT1078
Black RobeVT1138
Broken BlossomsVT1002
Budapest October 1956VT0976
Burning Season: The Chico Mendes StoryVT1507
Burning Wall:Dissent and Opposition Behind the Berlin WallVT1540
Caine MutinyVT0718
Cairo as Seen By ChahineVT1413
Chess PlayersVT1282
Children Are Watching UsVT1284
Cinema ParadisoVT0910
Cocaine CowboysVT1536
Colonel ChabertVT1465
Common Threads - Stories From the QuiltVT1311
Creation of the UniverseVT0999
Daughters of the DustVT1261
David: The Passing ShowVT1459
Day Of WrathVT1091
Death in the SeineVT1475
Degenerate ArtVT0440
Der Marsch Zum FuhrerVT1007
Devi The GoddessVT1159
Diary of a ChambermaidVT1280
Diary of a Country PriestVT1017
Echoes that RemainVT0340A
Eleanor RooseveltVT1445
Eternal JewVT1334
FRONTLINE: The Struggle for RussiaVT0542
Faces of WomenVT1239
Fall of CommunismVT0887
Fatal Attraction of Adolf HitlerVT1329
Five Pillars of IslamVT0013
Franco Prussian WarVT0855
Gas Food LodgingVT1237
Genocide in the First Half of the 20th CenturyVT1328
Global Assembly LineVT1175
Gospel According to Saint MatthewVT1504
Grand IllusionVT1107
Heroes & Tyrants of the Twentieth Century: MussoliniVT0853
History ChannelVT0961A
History ChannelVT0961B
History ChannelVT0961C
History ChannelVT0961D
History ChannelVT0961E
Holocaust On TrialVT1576
Hotel Terminus - Part OneVT3019A
Hotel Terminus - Part TwoVT3019B
House of the SpiritsVT1265
In Search Of History: Five Points GangsVT1211
Isabel Allende: The Womens Voice in Latin American LiteratureVT0604
Israel Folk Dance FestivalVT0021
Jefferson In ParisVT1427
John Browns Holy WarVT1444
Jonah Who Will Be 25 In The Year 2000VT1018
La MarseillaiseVT1458
Lady VanishesVT1022
Last DaysVT1242
Last DaysVT1242B
Last Voyage of the LusitaniaVT0720
Legend of a SighVT1254
Les Parents TerriblesVT1288
Lodz GhettoVT0854
Long Walk HomeVT1217
Longest HatredVT0490A
Longest HatredVT0490B
Lost Honor Of Katharina BlumVT1084
Lust For LifeVT1431
Madness of King GeorgeVT0731
Maedchen in UniformVT1541
Man EscapedVT0956
Man For All SeasonVT0693B
Man For All SeasonsVT0693
Man With A Movie Camera (Dziga Vertov)VT1023
Martin LutherVT1097
Marvelous MeliesVT1026
Mary Sillimans WarVT0574
Masculin FemininVT1044
Master RaceVT0475
Mayan (1994)VT0525
Menilmontant-The Charleston-Folie Du Dr TubeVT1041
Miracle In MilanVT1088
Miss JulieVT1043
Modern TimesVT1010
Moulin RougeVT1424
Mr. DeathVT1370
Murder of Emmett TillVT1443
Murder of JFKVT0686
My Name is IvanVT1263
Nazi Medicine: In the Shadow of the ReichVT1333
New York A Documentary Film Episode Five 1919-1931 CosmopolisVT1235E
New York A Documentary Film Episode Four 1898-1918 The Power And The PeopleVT1235D
New York A Documentary Film Episode One 1609-1825 The Country And The CityVT1235A
New York A Documentary Film Episode Seven 1945 to Present The City And The WorldVT1235G
New York A Documentary Film Episode Three 1865-1898 Sunshine And ShadowVT1235C
New York A Documentary Film Episode Two 1825-1865 Order And DisorderVT1235B
New York A Documentary Film Eposide Six 1929-1941 City of TomorrowVT1235F
Night of the Shooting StarsVT0849
Nights of CabiriaVT0909
Nous La LiberteVT1103
Nova: Holocaust on TrialVT1538
Old GringoVT0559
Open CityVT0905
Pandoras BoxVT1476A
Paragraph 175VT1253
Passion Of Joan Of ArcVT1090
Passion Of Joan Of ArcVT1106
Pather Panchali-Apu TrilogyVT0968C
People of E.Germany & The First All-German ElectionsVT0311
President Salinas - Talking with David FrostVT0477
Race For The SuperbombVT1442
Rachel Carsons Silent SpringVT1180
Raise The Red LanternVT1136
Red SorghumVT1412
Remains of the Day--VT0738
Rise & Fall of Adolf HitlerVT0476A
Rise & Fall of Adolf HitlerVT0476B
Sansho the BailiffVT1262
Schindlers List - Part 1VT0755A
Schindlers List - Part 2VT0755B
Secrets And LiesVT1218
Sherlock Jr. and Our HospitalityVT1003
Shock of the NudeVT1038
Sigmund Freud: Analysis of a MindVT0856
Silences of the PalaceVT1279
Sink The BismarckVT0797
Sorrow And The PityVT1219A
Sorrow And The PityVT1219B
Stalin: DespotVT0334B
Stalin: GeneralissimoVT0334C
Stalin: RevolutionaryVT0334A
Steamboat BillVT1292
Street Gangs: A Secret HistoryVT1210
Taira Clan SagaVT1260
Theresienstadt: Gateway To AuschwitzVT1339
They Risked Their Lives: Rescuers of The HolocaustVT1343
Thirteen Days In October: A Spy Talks; Inside The Oval OfficeVT1189B
Thirteen Days In October: Remembering The Cuban Missile CrisisVT1189A
Thirteen DaysVT1248
ThreePenny OperaVT0979
Times Of Harvey MilkVT1152
Times of a SignVT0707
Tokyo StoryVT1004
Tom Jones-1VT0730
Trojan WomenVT1315
Twilight Los AngelesVT1490
Umberto DVT1077
Un Chien Andalou/Land Without BreadVT0896
Versailles the VisitVT1456
Vienna 1900VT1477
W. LaFeber: Americans in Post Cold War World: Armstrong Lecture 4/95VT0725
Wages Of FearVT1089
War GameVT1079
War Stories Our Mothers Never Told UsVT1246
Warsaw GhettoVT1345
Watergate: A Third Rate BurglaryVT1423A
Watergate: The Conspiracy CrumblesVT1423B
Watergate: The Fall of a PresidentVT1423C
Way of the WorldVT1439
Weapons Of The SpiritVT1221A
Weapons of the SpiritVT1221B
Will of the PeopleVT0977
Woman In The DunesVT1289
Women And Islam - Robin Wright Speaker BU 3-12-01VT1148
World of Apu-Apu TrilogyVT0968A
Zero De ConduiteVT0985
Zoot Suit RiotsVT1537