ITEMS Video List

Alex Kotlowitz Lecture 12-04-01VT1268
Animal FarmVT1207
Beyond the Post-Modern MindVT0353
Ethics in America: Pt 101: Do Unto OthersVT0192A
Ethics in America: Pt 102: To Defend A KillerVT0192B
Ethics in America: Pt 103: Public TrustVT0192C
Ethics in America: Pt 104: Does Doctor Know Best?VT0192D
Ethics in America: Pt 105: Anatomy of Hostile TakeoverVT0192E
Ethics in America: Pt 106: Under OrdersVT0192F
Ethics in America: Pt 107: Under OrdersVT0192G
Ethics in America: Pt 108: Truth on TrialVT0192H
Ethics in America: Pt 109: The Human ExperimentVT0192I
Ethics in America: Pt 110: PoliticsVT0192J
From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians Part IVT0848A
From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians Part IIVT0848B
From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians Part IIIVT0848C
From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians Part IVVT0848D
From Socrates to Sartre- #25-Sartre I: Existentialism. Development from Kierkegaard and NietzscheVT1506
High NoonVT1206
Human RemainsVT1098
Introduction And Sacred SpaceVT1108A
Islam-Empire of Faith - Part 1VT1247A
Islam-Empire of Faith - Part 2VT1247B
Island Of The SpiritsVT1104
Long Nights Journey Into DayVT1140
Long SearchVT0696A
Long SearchVT0696B
Long SearchVT0696C
Long SearchVT0696D
Long SearchVT0696E
Long SearchVT0696F
Long Search: There Is No God But GodVT0063
Mortu Nega (Those Whom Death Refused)VT1143
No - Music of Noh Drama-Eugene EnricoVT0823
One Village In China: All Under HeavenVT0751A
One Village In China: First MoonVT0751D
One Village In China: Small HappinessVT0751C
One Village In China: To Taste a Hundred HerbsVT0751B
Sacred RitualsVT1108B
Satori In The Right CortexVT0704
Shinto - Festival MusicVT0824
Taafe Fanga (Skirt Power)VT1146
Tableau FerrailleVT1144
Terrorism and the Kebab (Al-Irhab Wal-Kabab]VT1503
Udju Azul Di Yonta (The Blue Eyes Of Yonta)VT1142