ITEMS Video List

60 Minutes II: The LineVT1344
60 Minutes: Street Crimes African StyleVT0506
60 Minutes: Where Theres SmokeVT0927
A Class DividedVT0227B
A Walk in the CloudsVT1570
ABC News Nightline: Searching For HopeVT0674
Against Her WillVT0215
All AmericanVT0261
Ambassador Tunnerman of NicaraguaVT0004
Barbie NationVT1243
Basic Attending Skills 3rd EditionVT0741
Becoming AmericanVT1402
Beyond The Green LineVT0780
Beyond The VeilVT1406
Black Is...Black AintVT0586
Black Wall StreetVT0760
Blood In The FaceVT1188
Boys & Girls are Different: MenVT0599
Charlie RoseVT0551
Chicago 1968VT0634
Child MaltreatmentVT1081A
Child MaltreatmentVT1081B
Children of The ForestVT0637
Class DividedVT0227
Clockwork OrangeVT1005
Color of FearVT0396
Columbus & The Age of DiscoveryVT0395
Context Of VulnerabilityVT1081C
Cops on TrialVT0379
Dadi & Her FamilyVT0265
Defending Our LivesVT0872
Dr. Michael Parenti (Dr. Najmi - 5/86)VT0290
Duke Ellingtons WashingtonVT1020
FRONTLINE: The Diamond EmpireVT0560
FRONTLINE: Welcome to Happy ValleyVT0587
Families Coping With Mental IllnessVT0666
Family: IndiaVT1479
Farmers WifeVT1080A
Farmers WifeVT1080B
Farmers WifeVT1080C
Farmers WifeVT1080D
Farmers WifeVT1080E
Farmers WifeVT1080F
Field of DreamsVT1565
From Opium To ChrysanthemumsVT1338
Fundamentalist Are ComingVT0361
Gathering of MenVT0268
Genocide in Bosnia & Heregocina Lecture 10/93VT0466
George Nicholes (Dr. Gorin - 2/90)VT0291
Girls Like UsVT1099
Harrison Youth Center- Graduation (Gorin)VT0418
He SaidVT1574
Heroes IIVT0535
Holding Ground: The Rebirth of Dudley StreetVT0727
In The BagVT1135
In The Line of FireVT1560
In Whose Honor? American Indian Mascots in SportsVT0964
In the Light of ReverenceVT1485
Interviewing in Action: Process & PracticeVT0806
Islamic Conversations: Women & IslamVT0596
It Still HurtsVT0023
Journey of Man Cirque Du SolielVT1466
Just CauseVT1571
Kokoro-Vol 1 Pt. 1 Nihon No Kokoro; The Heart Within Pt. 2 Shinto: The Way of The GodsVT1259A
Kokoro-Vol 2 Pt. 3 Bushido: Way of the Warrior Pt. 4: Oceans; Lifeblood of JapanVT1259B
Kokoro-Vol 3 Pt. 5 Makato: Sincerity Pt.6: Hiroshima: City Of PeaceVT1259C
Kokoro-Vol 4 Pt. 7 Nature: Giver of Blessings Pt. 8 Religion: Spiritual HetitageVT1259D
Kokoro-Vol 5 Pt. 9 Traditions: Inner Harmony Pt. 10 Heritage: Pride of JapanVT1259E
Life ApartVT1181
Lily Golden Africans in Russia 10/93VT0465
Lost Children of Rockdale CountyVT1014
Magical CuringVT0236
Matter Of HonorVT1294
Maya AngelouVT0045
Maya Angelou-Student Center (Back-up Copy)VT0045B
Mickey Mouse Goes to HaitiVT0759
Millennium Tribal Wisdom and the Modern World: A Poor Man Shames Us All and Inventing RealityVT1422C
Millennium Tribal Wisdom and the Modern World: Mistaken Identity and An Ecology of the MindVT1422E
Millennium Tribal Wisdom and the Modern World: The Art of Living and Touching the TimelessVT1422D
Millennium Tribal Wisdom and the Modern World: The Shock of the Other and Strange RelationsVT1422A
Millennium Tribal Wisdom and the Modern World: The Tightrope and At the ThresholdVT1422B
Mississippi BurningVT1557
NOVA: Secret of a Wild ChildVT0757
Native Land: Nomads of the DawnVT1480
Nazi Medicine: In The Shadow Of The ReichVT1193
Nightline: 7-26-99 "The Battle Over the Confederate Flag"VT0987
Nightline: Slavery StoryVT0933
Off Limits: Your HealthVT0537
One Flew Over The Cuckoos NestVT1128
Panic RoomVT1542
Paris Is BurningVT1076
Paving the WayVT1448
People Like UsVT1281
Pieces of SilenceVT0201
Pinks & BluesVT0073
Planet Earth: Fate of the EarthVT0807
Question of ColorVT0417
Quiet Rage: The Stanford Prison ExperimentVT0328
Race To Save the Planet: Do We Really Want to Live This WayVT0266C
Race To Save the Planet: In the Name of ProgressVT0266D
Race To Save the Planet: It Needs Political DecisionsVT0266J
Race To Save the Planet: More for LessVT0266F
Race To Save the Planet: Now or NeverVT0266I
Race To Save the Planet: Only One AtmosphereVT0266B
Race To Save the Planet: Remnants of EdenVT0266E
Race To Save the Planet: Save the EarthVT0266G
Race To Save the Planet: The Environment RevolutionVT0266A
Race To Save the Planet: Waste NotVT0266H
Racist Kids: J. Springer (4/93)VT0451
Ransey Clark LectureVT0072
Rich WorldVT1421
Road to BrownVT0423
Road to HaymarketVT0200
Rosemarys BabyVT1554
Running Out of TimeVT0552
Russians-Politics & The PeopleVT0082
Russians-Rural CollectivismVT0083
Russians-Urban Life StylesVT0081
SOC Club Lecture (Frank Wilkenson)VT0294
Shinjuku BoysVT1250
Solutions for Survival: A Step Away from WarVT0138
Solutions for Survival: Changing Our Way of ThinkingVT0050
Solutions for Survival: In The Nuclear Shadow: What Can the Children Tell Us?VT0049
Solutions for Survival: Star Wars: A Search of SecurityVT0052
Solutions for Survival: The Edge of HistoryVT0054
Solutions for Survival: The Last EpidemicVT0053
Solutions for Survival: What About the Russian?VT0055
Solutions for Survival: Women: For AmericaVT0051
Spirit & NatureVT0326
Spirit of Crazy HorseVT1481
Spirit of WomenVT1472
Stale Roles & Tight BunsVT0184
Still Killing Us SoftlyVT0183
Stir of EchoesVT1563
Strange RelationsVT1419
Street Life: Inside Americas GangsVT1011
Surviving ColumbusVT0958
T. Abulubhod - War In the Gulf (4/91)VT0314
Team Keeps Score for Sex: P. Donahue (4/93)VT0452
Theres No Such Thing As Womens WorkVT0467
Through the WireVT0260
Tie That BindsVT1564
Time to KillVT1553
To A Safer PlaceVT0469
Training DayVT1559
Two Towns of JasperVT1469
Violence: An American TraditionVT0946
Viviane NicolasVT0046
Wall StreetVT1568
War Between The ClassesVT0041
What Do Social Workers Do?VT0526
Whispers in the DarkVT1562
Why Cant We Live Together? Dateline 6-27-97VT0789
Would You Pray to a Black Jesus? Donahue 4/93VT0453
Zoned For Slavery/The Child Behind The LabelVT0758