ITEMS Video List

Akintola J.G. Wyse Lecture (4/92)VT0387
Beyond Killing Us Softly: The Strength To ResistVT1321
Can Working Women Have it AllVT0218
Dating Rites: Gang Rape On CampusVT1100
Dinesh DSora - Ronald WaltersVT0369
Dr. Benice Sandler (10/91)VT0341
Dreamworlds IIVT1322
Famine WithinVT1451
Get Real: Straight Talk About Womens HealthVT0784
Girls TownVT1404
Heaven Will Protect The Working GirlVT0709
Hope is a Literate WomanVT0657
Ida B. Wells: A Passion for JusticeVT1001
Killing Us Softly 3VT1418
Midwifes TaleVT1167
One Woman One VoteVT0912
Other AngelsVT0682
Out In Suburbia: The Stories Of Eleven LesbiansVT1230
Period PieceVT1075
Sex & GenderVT0375
Sexism in LanguageVT0963
Sexual Harrassment on the JobVT0219
Sexual Stereotypes In Media: Superman And The BrideVT1082
True-Hearted VixensVT1452
Visions of the Spirit: A Portrait of Alice WalkerVT0221
Vivian Makosky Lecture (3/92)VT0386
Waiting to ExhaleVT1555
Womans HealthVT0534
Women of Hull HouseVT0401
Women of Hull HouseVT1486A
Women of Hull HouseVT1486B