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             Information Resources and Technology Policy

Section Policy Name Policy Number
Physical Security Server Physical Access Security 3.01


Policy Purpose

The purpose of the Server Physical Access Security policy is to require the implementation of procedures to restrict physical access of servers to only individuals requiring physical access.

Policy Description

Servers will be placed in locked facilities.

An access control custodian will be assigned for each server location.

The Associate Provost for Information Resources and Technologies will provide for an inventory of all servers, the server’s location, and the responsible access control custodian for each server.

Procedures will be developed documenting the controls for each server location.

Policy Scope

This policy pertains to all servers on campus including servers outside of IRT controlled server locations.

Policy Definitions


Date Approved Revision 1 Date Revision 2 Date Revision 3 Date Revision 4 Date Revision 5 Date
June 6,2012          


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