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Delta Sigma Theta presents step show

Delta Sigma Theta sorority sisters present a step show about staying in school and being drug free for students at Trewyn Middle School in Peoria.

Bradley’s Delta Sigma Theta Sorority presented a step show about staying in school and being drug free for the students at Peoria’s Trewyn Middle School, where chapter president Monique Jordan is conducting her novice teaching. A step show is similar to a line dance where the performers send a message through a chant.

In initiating the program, Jordan wanted to implement an assembly where the students could enhance their learning and be able to capture their interest at the same time. “The day of the assembly was an exciting day for everyone,” Jordan related.

After the step show, Delta Sigma Theta introduced the audience to a young man who discussed the importance of staying in school and receiving an education. At the end of the assembly, a couple of students came on stage to learn a small step to perform in front of the school as well.

“The students really enjoyed the assembly,” Jordan commented. She heard good reports about the assembly for the rest of the day. According to Jordan, “Delta Sigma Theta was more than happy to give back to children of the community and put smiles on their faces. It was a happy time, and we were really proud of what we accomplished.”  

Committed to public service, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. is a nonprofit organization founded in 1913 on Christian principles.


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