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By Justin Phelps ’05

Psychic readings, tarot cards and classic horror movies were just some of the activities at the first Late Night BU at the Markin Family Student Recreation Center on Friday, Oct. 31.

Late Night BU is an initiative aimed at providing students late-night, alcohol-free entertainment under Bradley’s new Alcohol Action Plan.

"For years we’ve been hearing freshmen say they have nothing to do on weekends," said Lyndsey Withers ’07, interim coordinator of alcohol education and awareness programs. "They say their options are to stay in or go out and drink. This is another big option for them so they can still feel a part of the student body."

In addition to the options listed above, the inaugural event included a gladiator joust, Velcro wall, Guitar Hero video game tournament, and a showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. In addition to Halloween-themed options, intramurals and the pool were available and will be available at all Late Night BU events.

Late Night BU is a collaboration between the Wellness Center and Student Activities Office. Alexander’s Steakhouse sponsored the first event and provided food free of charge. Later this semester, events will include a live band at the Nov. 22 event, sponsored by Regent Broadcasting. The Wellness Center is considering a stress-relief themed night just before Study Day. Eurest Food Service is sponsoring the event and providing food.

"From the freshmen, we’re hoping that their response is, 'This is normal, this is what you do. That’s how we hang out on Halloween or where we go the night before Study Day to have a good time,'" Withers said. "And we’ve heard from some fraternities and sororities that they’re using this as an opportunity to bond, as a sisterhood or brotherhood event. We would love for that to be an option for them."

Seven Late Night BU events are scheduled for the 2008-09 academic year at the Markin Center, but there are other late-night activities on campus.  ACBU has moved many of its events to a later time slot to provide late-night entertainment for students. Withers said the Late Night BU at the Markin Center could become a venue for other student organizations.

Withers said about 100 student volunteers will assist in making the event a reality. "We have people stationed at the doors — and probably throughout a little bit of the community — to remind students to be quiet and well behaved because we know that’s a concern," Withers said.

Late Night BU upcoming schedule: