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The Campaign for a Bradley Renaissance


My Bradley experience

Ann Eads ’09 graduated from Bradley in May. A non-traditional student, she came to Bradley in 2007 to earn her degree in memory of her husband and parents. She sent President Glasser this letter relating her Bradley experience.

Dear President Glasser,

I am a non-traditional student who graduated Saturday, May 16, 2009. I dreamed of that day for 27 years, as I returned to Bradley after my husband passed away. Due to the emotional, spiritual, and financial support of my family, I was so thrilled to attend Bradley's commencement ceremonies. I have been blessed in so many areas of my life, and Bradley University has been one of my greatest.

I always felt as if the professors appreciated their students as individuals. They set high standards, which became increasingly higher as years progressed, for scholastic excellence, and articulate expression of our newfound ideas, whether they were in biological or physical sciences, social sciences, educational theories, humanities, or languages. I have gained such confidence in attending Bradley University. I hold my head high. I will reach for my goals until I achieve them. I will embrace the efforts of my future students as a fledgling Spanish teacher with the same resolve and commitment I have felt from all of my professors at Bradley.  

I will forever remember Dr. Evens, Dr. Portocarrero, Dr. Cisneros, and Dr. Arquette as mentors and guides for my continued search to acquire information and skills in teaching English and Spanish as second languages.  

There are so many unmentioned acts of resolve, commitment, and passion that I feel may go unappreciated — efforts of all the support staff of Bradley, the wonderful bookstore ladies, the library, controller's office, registrar's office, WCBU, and all the individuals who make Bradley's heart beat. I send a grateful thank you to all of you.

May you know I will try to be what Bradley University has provided me: the source of creative thinking that inspires, edifies, and beckons us to continue learning.

I will always thank you, Bradley University, and my family and friends. You are dear to my heart.


Ann Eads ’09

Ann will complete her teacher certification at Illinois State University. She has applied for its master's program in Spanish, as well as certification to teach English as a second language.