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A hair-raising, head-shaving event


Video highlights from the Peoria Journal Star.

In the news:

By Nancy Ridgeway

Bald heads were the trend on Olin Quad Thursday. More than 100 students, including three females, took turns in makeshift barber’s chairs and had their heads shaved for a cause. Pi Kappa Alpha’s Ardon Lukasiewicz, a junior business major from Las Vegas, organized Bradley’s second annual St. Baldrick’s celebration.

“Shaving the Way to Conquer Kids’ Cancer” is the motto for St. Baldrick’s Foundation, whose mission is to raise awareness and funds to cure children’s cancer. Midway through the event, more than $12,000 had been raised; last year, the fraternity raised $8,000. In addition to financial donations, Alexander’s Steakhouse donated steakburgers and Rock Star donated energy drinks, providing additional means to raise funds.

President Joanne Glasser spoke to students gathered on the quad at 2 p.m. She told the group that when they participate in events such as this, “researchers gain encouragement that they may one day find a cure to this dreaded disease.” She went on to thank the students for “your moxie, your selflessness.”

Afterwards, Erica Hammock, a senior from Rockford; Anna Krueger, a sophomore from Glen Ellyn; and Brittany Zarate, a freshman from Cary, were on hand to have their heads shaved.

Pi Kappa Alpha member Richard Hauschildt shaves the head of Drew Loder.

Hammock commented, “I’ve always had a soft spot for children’s charities, and hair grows back. Who doesn’t want to see what their head looks like bald?” Noting that getting her head shaved tickled, she added,  “I’m glad I did it.”

An education major, Krueger said she chose to participate because children are close to her heart. Zarate said she was compelled to have her head shaved in honor of her father’s sister, who died of childhood cancer when she was 12. Zarate added, “Plus, after going on the Web site and reading these kids’ stories, I thought the least I could do was this small act.”

Lukasiewicz, who organized the event both years, said he learned about St. Baldrick’s from an alum who mentioned it in passing one day. He looked at the foundation’s Web site and thought the event was something the Pikes could do. “This is a great way to raise money for a good cause,” Lukasiewicz said, noting a majority of his fraternity brothers were participating. While some of the shavees decided on the spur of the moment to have their heads shaved, some signed up in advance online and collected pledges from friends and family.