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SAE-I--Bradley Chapter--Welcome

We will have a sneak peak to the engine teardown on Thursday, November 12th. This will preview the teardown that will happen on Sunday, November 15th.

More Information will be available soon!






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Upcoming Events
**Dates, Times, and Events Subject to Change without Notice!
Nov. 12thBaja Presentation, Engine Teardown Part 1
Nov. 15thEngine Tear Down Part 2
Dec. 3rdCaterpillar Presentation
Spring Semester 2016
Jan, 28th   World Rally Championship Discussion
Feb, 11thChicago Auto Show Meeting
Feb, 13thChicago Auto Show
Feb, 25thParent Chapter Presentation
March, 10thStudent Presentation
April, 7th Prepare for Bradley Autor Show
April, 9thBradley Auto Show
April, 21stAuto Show recap, Boat Discussion
 Executive Board
Jorge Trujillo--President
Chris Sweeney--Vice President
Ben Darrow--Secretary
Mitchel Griffis--Treasurer
Paul Majerczyk--Event Coordinator
Andrew Varland--Event Coordinator

Dr. Marty Morris


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