The Biology Undergraduate Society (B.U.G.S.) is a group for undergraduate students that are majoring in or have an interest in biology.  B.U.G.S. offers its members many opportunities for social activities that will help them to get acquainted with other biology students and faculty.  Such activities include but are not limited to: trips to the zoo, bowling, ice skating, movie nights, and game nights.  Also, B.U.G.S. provides its members with many volunteer opportunities through the zoo, Methodist Hospital, and Bradley.  These volunteer activities look great on a resume or application to medical school or graduate school.  B.U.G.S. holds review sessions for biology exams.  During these review sessions, members are broken into groups to discuss material, and upperclassmen that have taken the class in question will answer questions.  Through these activities, B.U.G.S. hopes to enrich its members through social events, volunteer opportunities, and biology review sessions.


Meetings every Wednesday night at 8pm in Olin 149




For More Information Contact BUGS President Joey Philipp at: