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  • rounders.mid - Standard MIDI file, sequenced by Bob Schmanski, AS778


No matter where we Greeks may go
From prom to cabaret,
Where all the antique profs and beaux
Stand in each other's way;
They have no chance 'tis very clear
And this is the reason why
For all the girls are crowding near,
The men of Theta Xi.

Hail all ye rounders, kid the profs along,
Hail all ye rounders, virtue will go wrong, [go wrong].
Play the college game for all you're worth,
To hell with the reason why,
For life's too short upon this earth
For men of Theta Xi.

And still there's more that might be said
And yet it's hard to find,
For when the matron snore in bed
And the campus cops go blind
Reclining on your manly chest
She gives a gentle sigh
For far above the lowly rest
She loves a Theta Xi.


And when the end comes rolling round
And passing grades are small
And no excuses can be found
To give the prof a stall,
Just let him have a knowing look
And then he'll know you're wise
He finds an error in books
The man's a Theta Xi.


And when you last exams are past
And you've smoked your last cigar
And swearing this will be you last
You line up at the bar.
The steins get low and you call for more
Until the place goes dry-
Above those rolling on the floor
There stands a Theta Xi.


Now the reason that the prof is kind
And the matron snores in bed,
The reason that the cop goes blind
And the co-ed oft misled,
The reason he can float in beer
And still with A's get by,
Then in his cap and gown appear-
Why he's a Theta Xi.


Then here's to dear Theta Xi,
The one we all love best,
We'll drink to her until we die,
To Hell with all the rest.
And when our heads are old and grey,
And we bounce our kids on high,
We'll teach them that the alphabet
Begins with Theta Xi.


And if they wish to join us,
The way we do is this,
We put our arms around their waists,
And give their lips a kiss;
And should they dare to murmur,
Or ask the reason why
We tell them it's the secret grip
Of dear old Theta Xi.


Some day the Theta Xi must die
As other mortals do,
And like a band of angels
They'll mount up through the blue.
And when the reach the pearly gates
They'll give a rousing yell
St. Peter will stick out his head
And, say you go to Hell.

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